So close, yet too far.

I’ve experienced this phenomena quite a bit. I go to sleep, dream, and then wake up. I don’t move, so I let my mind wander in the morning in daylight. I eventually begin to dream while semi concious. I begin to lose the fact that I’m sort of awake, so I say, “Wow, I’m starting to dream.” I stay in the dream and then say, “Ok, I’m dreaming, time to go lucid.” All of a sudden, I feel like I’m swooshing out of control and on a natural high, as if I’m about to start astral projecting. I don’t want to leave my body, I want to have a lucid dream, so I stop unsuccessfully. This is also the reason I don’t like the WILD method. Is there a way around this?

By the way, I’m new at this board, I think. I may have posted before, but my account seems to be expired…


Hey KeebMeister, welcome (back) to the forum.

I think this waking up migt be connected to your fear that you might accidentally AP. So when this energy rush starts, you kind of wake up in defence. The thing is, you should just go with that rush and see where it takes you. An AP as a phenomenon isn’t different from a LD so there is really nothing to be afraid of. It’s not like you’re gonne accidentally leave your body or so and have freightening experiences (although it might look like you OBE, its really all in your head). So my advice would be, relax and dont be afraid to experiment with loosing control during WILD, just try to stay conscious so you can enter a LD later on! Good luck with it.

Actually, my sister tried this and had an OBE instead. So that’s why I didn’t go through with it. I’ll go through with the WILD and stuff, but I want to LD instead of AP. Thanks anyway.


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