So close...

This morning I came really close. I dreamed I was in my den at night and some strange things happened(I dont remember what, I’ll need to work on recall) I said"I must be dreaming." And to prove it, I tried to stretch out my arm to an impossible length. Nothing happened(I have no dream control experience yet) so I figured that it wasn’t a dream and went a long with it. I would have finally done it but I guess my reality check was wrong :frowning: .

Maybe you should start with more conservative reality checks. Have you ever seen “The Matrix”? No one makes the jump their first try. Just try to hold your nose and breathe, or count your fingers. Good job on the Near lucidity, though.

(Did I just reference “The Matrix”? Wow. Just…wow.)

I love “The Matrix”. It’s such a kick butt movie. Luckily I can make the jump now. Hell, I can fly.

Anyways, a sure fire RC that will NEVER (and I mean NEVER) fail is plugging your nose and seeing if you can still breathe.

Never say never. :tongue: It failed sometimes with me. It’s a very reliable RC though and it may make you lucid even if it doesn’t work.