So far, any advice on my techniques?

Well, all is looking good so far. Over the course of 2 nights, ive had 3 dream sequences. I call them sequesnces cause it was actualy several dreams stuck together, one sequesce on each night and one after doing WBTB last night. Although i didnt gain lucidity, i became SP all three nights, and only witnessed the HI once (because i got exited and snapped out of it.) My main problem is getting from the SP stage onward past HI, and onto my dream. I know things take time but are there any specific things to do? id like to also get better at WILD/MILD and since i always wake up around 4:30, WBTB as well. Thanks in advance

I’m just gonna do my thing…

singing [size=150]The numbness you get while doing WILD is not SP [/size]singing

Well it sure feels like im paralized. Its not just a numb, i cant move or feel anything. anyway, when would i get SP. im new to this so im not up on the lingo yet :razz: