So hard to be lucid

I have been trying to become lucid ever since I began interested in it again but it is so hard. I think I first needed to remember my dreams better and work on trying to have vivid dreams. But I started to rememeber them more. And today while I was dreaming, I dont know where I was when I thought this but I just suddenly upruptly said, “Hey…I’M DREAMING!” But then it was like right when I said that everything went blank or like a dark void and then I think I was in another scene except I didn’t know I was dreaming even though I just thought it a second ago and was aware completely for that split moment. I think this happened also previously this year the same way. So how can I actualy control my dreams and stop it from going blank? (Also to mention, when I thought that today and the dream previously that I was dreaming, it felt like a spasmodic feeling right after and then the blanklessness)

Stabilizing. The moment you found out you were dreaming, your dream became less stable. Don’t know why, don’t know how, but it happened (and still happens) to me as well.

There are many stabilizing techniques:
Auto-suggestion: Suggesting that taking a pill/wearing a ring will keep you lucid.
Hand rubbing: The sensation seems to stabilize dreams…
Spinning on axis: Not sure how that one works…
Touching other objects in a dream: See hand rubbing.
Yelling at yourself: Yes. Yelling at yourself that you will stay in a dream/lucid. I think it works as an auto-suggestion as well…

Just a few to get you started with stabilizing dreams. Controlling dreams is an entirely different story.

Many times, it is difficult to simply conjure something. Autosuggestion could work. For example, having a magic wand might help.

Sometimes, you can’t see what you’re conjuring. For example, cupping your hands so you can’t see them and convincing yourself that there is a marble in them, or convincing yourself that you have a slip of paper in your pocket. Also, you could simply expect someone or something that normally couldn’t fit in your pocket/hands to be behind you, behind a door, down the street, etc.

Of course, this varies from person to person. Some people will have no trouble conjuring things while others will have no trouble flying, yet others will have trouble learning both.

Well, hope that helped!

hey thanks for the help! I remember reading some of those techniques a long time ago but I forgot them. I will definately try them and hopefully actualy get a real surrounding. :smile:

That’s really interesting MatrixManNe0. Maybe that’s why my dream, as soon as I realised I was dreaming, instantly disappeared… :meh:

ok how bout this. I have dreams where after the scene ends, in the next scene I’m telling my dream that I just had to someone like a friend or my mom or something, and yet I am still dreaming. I remember too late except I’m still in my dream and I cant even realize I’m dreaming that same instant. Is that like pre-lucid or something? ARG its annoying…