So, I had a lucid dream a couple of nights ago...

…this was the first one I’ve had that has been … full, shall we say, longer than a few seconds.

Anyway, I noticed that I have no real senses in dreams, I can see (although less vividly than IRL, kind of a daydream vision) and I guess I can hear in a way (although it seems to be more voices in my head rather than actual voices) - but I have absolutely NO sense of touch, smell or taste.

Obviously in a lucid dream, where flying is one of the main pulls, I would like to have a sense of touch.

Next time I get a LD I want to be able to appreciate it fully, so can anyone help me?

Do you mean that if you touch a wall, you cannot feel it? :confused: It seems very uncommon.

Yeah, and everything seems to be a bit daydreamish too, everything that happens goes by really fast.

I dont kno much about HI, since i dont hav a lot of experience with it, but maybe that is what it is…?

I often experience the same thing, but sometimes when I get lucid my senses get more vivid. Give it time, and it will probably go away.

I agree with Larry Boy, though I’ve had this problem very few times. Try to act in your LD, to move quickly. Perhaps you could try to spin or to jump from a cliff to induce a falling feeling which will propell you in a more solid LD.

I know the feeling, I had half an LD once that was similar to what you describe here. Not very vivid, only hearing and seeing (even the seeing went shortly before I woke up). However, a few weeks ago I had my first “real” LD which was almost as vivid as reality. I guess you’ll have better LDs soon, if you keep at it.

Here’s an idea, though. My “vivid” dream took place in a location I know, maybe coming up with good dream scenery is more difficult than remembering. So, you could try to go to a place you know in your LD.

My first LD (if it even deserves to be called that) wasn’t vivid at all. I was in a room in which the walls were solid red, and the floor was solid gray. It was like being in a video game with the graphics on the lowest setting. I woke up after a few seconds anyway tho. My second one that lasted longer was way more vivid… Just give it time maybe?

I think so. :smile: But you can shout “More clarity!” too. Some people have good results with that.

Ah, it’s good that this problem is not necessarily permanent. Thanks guys :smile: Sorry for the late reply, I got diagnosed with shingles so I was in hospital for a few days.

Anyway, I tend to get LDs whenever the hell my mind wants to, and not much I do seems to make any influence on how often I get them (woefully, it isn’t very often at all), so I’ll keep this in mind for next time.