So many lucid dreams lately, yet not accomplishing much.

2 days ago I had a lucid dream, yesterday I had 2 lucid dreams, and today I had one. I am having so many yet I don’t accomplish my goal.

My goal is to walk naked in public to try and get rid of all social anxiety. In my past lucid dreams I have almost always either woken up after trying to summon a person and something else comes up, or just standing thinking of where I am going to go.

This is very annoying. Today in my lucid dream I found a hot lady in the shower, and I was going to take my clothes off and the dream evaporated into thin air. Can anyone offer any advice, tips, or anything please?

When you’re in a lucid dream, it can be hard to remember what you were planning to do.

You could try - while you’re still awake - saying to yourself your plan for the dream, several times over. This might help you remember it later.

Getting rid of social anxiety via lucid dreams seems to be effective…
:content: Granted the dream is vivid.