So what do you want us to do?

oh and if you happen to ask somebody for my guide and they give you response like “BlazinFish who?” make sure you say “The Fish of Blazing from Barnacle.”

Try being a tornado. That would be cool.

Get eaten and explore inside someones body, like on that show the magic schoolbus, where they shrink and explore the anatomy. Ive always wanted to do that.

–Rewinding time. He he he, been there, done that. This is one of the coolest things ever. I actually started doing it as a remedy for doing things ‘wrong’ in my LDs. If I was trying to stop a guy from running away and he got out of my grasp, I’d just ‘rewind’ (with me either being part of the rewind or standing independently outside of it.)

I find this to be a much greater fix than the classic ‘pretend it never happened’, because you truly fool your mind thus minimizing the risk for ‘negative thinking’.

Yes Blaze, this is a crazy experience, but it’s, at least for me, much like pressing the rewind on a VCR.

I’ve done it for longer periods too, in order to change scenery seamlessly, but this often completely nullifies the ‘timeline’.

Often when I’m confident enough I go with the ‘pretend it never happened’, because rewinding is just not much of a gimmick to me anymore. Feel free to ask for more details if you feel so inclined …

I still need to eat as a Lion and be eaten by a lion , be a tree, a planet and a tornado.

I need to find those damn ravens and ask them what they have to say about the world.

I need to find Jack’s DreamGuide (funny, it’s true that I should know who you are before looking for your dreamguide), and Blazin’s.

Could anyone explain about these ‘crossroads’, haven’t heard of them.

Alright, I won’t party too much this weekend so I should be able to get some undisturbed nice LDing, which will do well for this list… So, anything you want me to get in there, say it fast >D

BTW, I wrote a series of ‘tutorials’, concerning everything from time rwind and matrix type moves to lifting REALLY huge object.

They should be in the archives I guess, for anyone who’s interested.

The crossroads are a virtual environment created by pantalimon (did I spell it right?), a LD4all member. The crossraods are meant to exist in the world of dreams, and therefore provide a meeting point for shared dreaming.
I´ve been there before (sort of) :smile:
Here´s the link: … mepage.htm

Another cool thing would be to freeze time (if you haven´t already done it). I´ve seen that in some films, and also in one of my NDs. Nothing moves, everybody stops in the position he´s in at the moment but yourself.


Yes, started doing that a lot after the Matrix movie hit theatres.

My best moment was a freeze, bullet time matrix meets star wars thing.

I hacked a few frozen guys with a lightsaber, speeding and slowing things down all around, it was truly cinematic. I do some degree of freexing anytime I want a cinematic effect.


I want to ask you guys, what success have you with projectiles? I find that I often can’t create effective projectiles/projectile weapons. Have never found a proper tech to make it work (only thing)

Basically, my guns won’t down my enemies, my energy blasts are little more than light etc. I’m trying to find a trick to it so I won’t have to retry over and over.

Tips appreciated

I’ve just begun to lucid dream normally, thanks to a little technique I developed myself that sort of makes me fall from a daydreaming state into a full lucid dream.

Anyway, as far as projectiles go? Well, we all want to be superheroes and have kickass powers, so I think shooting energy blasts from our palms and creating Uzis that we can pull out of our pockets is a common idea amongst us lucid dreamers, more likely the male group of them.

The most effective technique I’ve found is just to envision everything happening, don’t just let it go and take what may or may not happen for granted. Know inside your head that it WILL do such and such a thing, even if you don’t say it outloud or envision the entire process or speak it in your lucid mind, it should perform the same effect. It’s just having the entire process planned out.

As far as your guns are concerned: Are you actually shooting bullets/rockets/whatever the hell from them? Or are you just firing off blanks? If you’re not actually firing anything when you pull the trigger, just imagine and KNOW that it WILL happen when you do it.

This has been most successful for me, and it comes like second nature now when I want to have gunfight/matrix-y lucid dreams.

Try reloading the gun first :smile: it should make you/your subc expect actual bullets being fired.

my suggestion relates to predictability:
try to tell your DC’s to do something or hide something from you, and then see if you can predict it or find it with above 50% reliability.

Theoretically your mind is making up the story, so it shouldnt be able to hide stuff from you - and yet it has to to make it interesting. If you knew everything and everyones motives were clear, you would be bored.

so if, for example, your dream character plays “the cup game” with you, you should be able to guess which of three cups he hides the marble under. or if he picks a card from a deck, you should be able to predict it.
So, see if you can gain some sort of ESP within the dream since all the “unpredictable” actions are being scripted by your brain.

also, see if you can choose to be surprised, like if you can instruct some phenomenon to happen randomly, surprising you every time.

anyway the reason i thought of these is that I think the brain has the ability to compartmentalize your dreams, creating enviornments and DC’s while keeping the conscious or dreaming mind (you) unaware. or else how would people have so many nightmares and feel like things are “out of control”

more ideas:

-try to add really long lists of numbers or do complex math and see if you get the result right. I think Laberge or someone did something like this involving predicting what day your birthday will fall on in X years.

You can use whatever props you need. So if you were to do your computations by putting rocks on the ground to keep track, or perhaps scratching lines into the table, maybe you could do complex calcualtions. for example, you could draw a line graph in the sand (of the calendar) and cound the days for each month, then add them up.

-Try to make a DC who is actually YOU, an exact copy of yourself, and see what they say. You might even try to take control of them and control both. Or find a mirror. Mirrors seem to be scarce in LD’s, i wonder if it will behave realistically.

-See how much pain you can make yourself feel. I know this sounds sadistic, but ive always suspected that LD’s are biased toward allowing you pleasurable experiences, but that the brain is weaker at simulating pain.
So try cutting yourself of sticking your hand in a hot flame, and see how much you can make it hurt. It would be interesting if the brain could make it hurt so much you had to stop. THat would be awesome IMHO.

-see if you can conjure emotions on tap. Instantly be overcome with sadness, happiness, rage, fear, etc. (if just willing it doesnt work, maybe you could still orchestrate situations that make you feel emotions, such as fear.)

Regarding the 4D vision, could someone explain how exactly you would see in 4 dimensions simultaneiously?

Would you achieve this by mapping a set of points into space in the X,Y,Z cartesian dimensions… and then adding a fourth dimension W - and cross reference all 4 dimensions with eachother and make each perpendicular to each previous dimension… (and make sure your points have values in all 4 dimensions - not just XYZ coordinates but also W coordinates.)
and then you could somehow somehow SEE all four dimensions as a coherent simultaneous relationship?

this would be in contrast to the fact that we can only see in 3d now: we could either see XYZ, XYW, YZW, or WZX one time. (even though any point in any graph also has a fourth value for the fourth dimension which is not shown in each of those individual graphs. the complete picture can only be seen by looking at all of them, but you cant see them all at once.) Each 3d graph would be unique but would share a plane with every other. All the points on each of those 3d graphs would, when added together, equal a four dimensional picture. We cant see all four at the same time (XYZW), because where would the fourth axis go?

but i guess its possible… but am i even visualizing the concept of 4d correctly?

I heard of this experiment one time where they had a computer program spell out words and sentances letter by letter but much too fast for you to read them in waking life. Lucid dreamers were set up to watch these programs and see if they got inbedded into there subconcious by seeing if they could slow it down in a lucid dream and read what it says. I dont remeber how the experiment tuned out. You guys should try that though, using flash or something.

isotope777, you have got the fourth dimension right there. The thing is, only you and I seem to use the term properly.

Whenever anybody else says “4d” they seem to mean sonar vision - the vision used by bats where they can simultaneously see in front of them, behind them and between/behind objects which would obstruct normal vision.

Okay first off I have eaten and felt objects that I have never ftasted/felt in RL, then woke up and tasted/felt them in RL and it was the same.

Second I have split myslef into 2 perfect versions of myself and could feel and control both at the same time.

I have rewound time and even totaly stopped it. It was so cool to see some birds in the sky frozen with time.

Are you sure you never tried them in real life? I think it’s really doubtful that you really haven’t done them and they tasted/felt the same. Feeling is easy, you can guess a lot of it from looking. The only surprises come in cooking. For example, Teflon feels oily when you put water on it :neutral:

I never heard of that explanation before. I always thought the 4th dimension was related to time travel ect…

In physics, the 4th dimension is considered to be time. In mathematics the 4th dimension is just like isotope777 described.

You cannot see 4th dimension/time in a dream. This would enable you to predict the future. But since you have total control over your dream you can always change events so that your prediction would be wrong, etc…

Why couldn’t you see the 4th dimension/time in a dream? It’s a dream, and the only future you would see is the dream’s future.

It’s possible to do anything in a dream… it’s a dream. It’s only when it gets to your dream interacting with the outside world (i.e. shared dreaming, OBE, etc…) that it becomes questionable.

i always tohught 4d is time traveling…last night i was lucid and i was sitting by the window with my guide near me and i saw things changing very fast, and i thought it was like…time moving or something

You can’t see time in a dream because that would mean that you could see a “fate”. In lucid dreams there is no fate. You could always just say, “well, I’m not going to let that happen” and run around instead of flying, for example. Because you have total control in your dream, there can’t be any fate to look into.

Of course, seeing backwards in time is OK - you’ve already done whatever it was!