So what do you want us to do?

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Hey, I’ve been lurking around, and I see that often some less frequent LDer wants us veterans to try interesting things in our LDs.

This is nice, because we are often out of meaningful things to do anyway. Also, since I see that a few veterans are actually very active these days (Pedro, Lucidity_Master) we could really turn this into something interesting.

So guys, what do you want us to do? I will reply as soon as I’ve done it! >D

This sounds like a great idea Ureon. :smile: After you get some ideas here, you may want to move individual goals and ideas into the Lab. Lots of us have mentioned the lack of activity in the Lab, and are hoping to get it back in action soon.

Transform into a lion and then eat somebody o_o

Try some form of perception that seems impossible, like having a 360° view, or being to persons at once (and having the senses of these two people at the same time).
Transform into a tree, into a bug, a candle or into the sea, just to know what it feels like.
Try to do LILD (asking a DC to remind you that you are dreaming in another dream).

I´ll post here again when I´ve got more ideas :smile:


grow a third eye , or eight eyes like a spider just to see what it would be like to see out of more then two eyes.


Thanks for the offer…

I want to do one very special thing all the time i am lucid but i can’t seem to remember to do it.

Here’s the thing:

If you like, please go into the woods and look for two ravens (gotta be two). Then ask them what they have to tell you about the world. Please recall the exact words they say. That would be great.

Good luck with that


I just want to see if someones else is able/capable of helping me out in lding from “inside”.
That means either finding my spirit guide and chat with her about why shes been so slack,or sending her over to my dreams to “wake me up”.
Pedro had some hmmm can we call it success?when he thought of her she rang him,hehe.
But im interested in possibility of doing such a thing.
any help would be appreciated,lets see even if its only theory,what can it bring up:)
thx in advance:)

Things I’ve already done:

<–360 vision–>

I’m kind of locked on this one, I can’t imagine it beyond a ‘strip’, that is: something passes on the right and immediately appears on the right.

If you want to understand how I see 360 in my dreams, play with the settings in Quake3, there is a 360 mode.

I can’t say I was very impressed by this, but I’d like to know if there is something more to this. Trying 4D soon too.

<–being the sea/large body of water–>

Man… This has got to be the most relaxing shape I’ve eeever been. When I was this lake/sea thing, I couldn’t really perceive beyond myself so I couldn’t tell my size exactly. I could feel the bottom and the shore, the syn was like a warm blanket on my ‘face’ and ‘hearing’ was like the sound vibrated through your entire body.

But I guess this shape is something that MUST be unique for everyone. Unless they read this and are a little biased because of it :happy:.

In this note, I loved being a ‘blob’. Slimeing around town and through cracks in walls, it was a combination of human form and sea form. I also used this shape to crash into zombies once, vaporizing them.

Things to do!

Asking those two ravens what they think of the world is really my top priority! That sounds immensly interesting.

Then I’ll have sex with your dream guide Jack and send her back to you with a smack.

Then, eating someone as a Lion (also haven’t thought of!)

Being a tree (vaguely remember having done this to some extent) and a bug.

having several eyes.

Did I miss anything??

“Then I’ll have sex with your dream guide Jack and send her back to you with a smack.”

I just want lds,if its got to be at that cost…o well…just ask her first if she does not mind:)

I’ll doit, just ell me what you would like to have me do. I could use some original ideas. Doing the same ativityies gets rather repetitive

In a post a while ago i said it would be neat to become a planet, to sense every person walking on you, to feel every bulding tree large water mass volcano etc at the same time. Some people replied they had done it and it was remarkable, so you dudes should give it a shot…

I have a pretty good one I think…
Try to dream in a cartoon world. Obviously it would be better to have a 2d perception, so you could see yourself and not just lines. You could try a whole number of things in the 2d world, just about anything you can do here. You could try the usual stuff (Fly, go through walls, maybe even sex :bored: ) just to see if it feels diffrent as a cartoon.

I keep wanting to create a dream familiar… one who will always find me in a dream and try to get me lucid. We batted this one around back in the days when I frequented this forum… well, more frequently.

I have been lucid several times but always get excited and then start playing right away. Then I lose lucidity before I can try to create the character or even work on strengthening my lucidity. Damn.

Oh yes, good idea Jack.

If you are familiar with the crossroads, you could go there and ask one of the crossroad guides to come around in one of my dreams and assist me in getting lucid

LostBoy, that idea of a dream familiar or something similiar is still my top priority. It simply sounds like such a cool technique, I got to make it someday…

Oh Tapir you got me all wrong.Im actually one in need of assistance…but it brings up the idea…Someone could check those dream guides at Crossroads and maybe get them to help rest of us,non lders at the time.
thx again:)

The second paragraph was directed to Ureon, should have put his name there :wink:

i got a good one.

do something…anything in your lucid dream. something you could easily do in real life. touch something…taste something…just make sure you haven’t done it in real life yet. then when you wake up, go do the thing you did in your dream and see if it feels or tastes the same in real life. im just curious to see how powerful your mind is.

Alright, update time.

I asked for your DG Jack (Although I admit I didn’t put an effort into it, I figure she has to come along herself , and not me creating her, for it to work).

-I asked a Bartender for “Jack’s spirit guide” but he just chuckled and said “Jack who?”

-About the Ravens, I want to be detailed about this so it might take untill I get a good dreamscape for it, but it will come.

-4D vision was confusing, my mind seemed to struggle with the whole thing. Just having several ‘screens’ that showed the objects from all sides was easy. When I tried to blend em into a sphere it all went coocoo and I lost lucidity.

-Familiar, I’ve done this sort of. I often have similar DCs ‘adventure’ with me throughout wicked quests in the dreamscape. But I will try to focus on it more and give tips for how to sustain the bond from dream to dream.

It’s hard to get attached to a DC though and when you try and do through some sort of emotion manipulation, well… I’ve actually felt great loss a few mornings because of realising that the DC in question doesn’t really exist and I might never meet them again. The worst one lasted a few days, and it seems strangely impossible to reproduce these DCs.

-Planet. The bravest thing I’ve tried since reading that was becoming a wall (gotta start small to get the right feel), and people at the party bumped into me drunk etc, was fun. I guess becoming a planet will be amazing, just don’t want to screw up like with 4D vision.

Note:As soon as I get an Epic LD (long lasting, 100% clear, +great control etc) I’ll start a ‘Ureon corps’ whom I’ll send out to give people LDs :happy:
They will have dark uniforms with golden U’s on their chest, look out for them!

Untill next time, have nice dreams

P.S. maybe when I find Jack’s DreamGuide Ill make her my familiar, and brand my name on her butt, ha ha ha hrmm, nevermind… cough.

Jack who???no no no thats unacceptable.You tell him Jack The Sex God Himmself!!!Not little johny from alaska:)Once i get there he wil beg me on his knees to get a visa to my realm,to my castle and to my ladies!:slight_smile:
Ohh those unrespectable ppl!

ps.Well,maybe dont push it this way but see what can be done:)maybe jack from poland would help?or u could look at my pic on our collage before u sleep?hehe not suggesting anything of course…:smile:
thx a lot:)

try to rewind time in a dream. that would be crazy.

oh and if its not to much to ask try finding my dream guide too. id really appreciate it but i dont expect you to. id really like to find my guide myself someday but after having tried and tried for so long, its beginning to feel futile.

yea anyway definetly rewind time in your next LD ok.