dream characters and can't think what to do

I can never tell them that they are in a dream as I make what they say and its like disapproving to yourself. This happens as I control the characters in my dreams and act out their parts as I am in control of the 1st person experience. I kind of know what I am going to do next before I see it in the 1st person. I also rewind dreams and re-experience them. As I know when it is a dream and know the feeling of the experience I don’t need to do RC’s as whenever I am asleep. I sometimes use LD to do creative stuff but I don’t normally do that till I need it, and most of the time I off on an adventure and something bizarre happens, but I enjoy the bizarre moments thats what makes them exciting. Lately I got some siberian Ginseng and that made me have some intense vivid dreams which were lucid. I am at a bit at my ends now as I have kind of exhausted every possibility and I am not sure hwat else to do. I do the flying and changing things about but sometimes have normal dreams but its now a case of whats left to do. I often put somebody I met in real life in my dream as an extra character. also I have done meditating in LD that cool you can see your astral aura its cool. Also been near the city of glass or light whatever you prefer I was high up and it was below but looked great!

Anybody had any experiences like this and also does anyone have any ideas other than I have said to do in LD’s ?

any ideas or tips appreaciated

whats up samzen,

Im not an experienced LD’er, but i think that you have got quite good skill with LD’s. There are still so many possibilities you could explore in your dreams. Creating people, settings or animals is always fun. Controlling energy with your mind, to make electricity conjure up in your hands. Another good one would be visiting the ‘Lucid Crossroads’ and try and have a shared dream with another LD’er…

Just my thoughts…

there is also the fav thing to do in a LD topic which is now on part IV https://community.ld4all.com/t/the-big-fav-thing-to-do-in-a-ld-topic-part-iv/14357

there was also a topic asking members for requests on what they would like an expert LDer to try in their lucid dreams… if I find the topic I will edit in the url here

So what do you want us to do?
part I https://community.ld4all.com/t/so-what-do-you-want-us-to-do/9339
Part II https://community.ld4all.com/t/so-what-do-you-want-us-to-do-part-ii/10014

You should definitely find something interesting in that topic :happy:

thanks for the replies, I will have a look at the links and the Lucid crossroads I have heard about but wasn’t sure how I would get there, in dream travel. I might try it anywhere.

Last night had a strange dream that turned Lucid when I been playing maple story all day on the net and then as normal the game appeared in my dream and then the tiny ppl in the setting changed to dolls that could talk and had intelligient chat to robot dolls but they didn’t have much to say.(sorry if didn’t make much sense, I am artist, I draw better than I can talk)

I tried the idea of inserting somebody completely new into a LD I met this girl I didn’t recognise and I called her Barbie (like the Barbie doll) and she was great, also went in a strange lift that went to different places even though it felt like it was going straight down. I ended up have like 4 LD in one night all transforming and flowing to one another it was funny.

Yeah, ussually once I have one LD I can carry the lucidity on to my other dreams, however, ussually the LD is the last dream of the night.