What can you do in Absolute Lucidity?

any1 achieved absolute lucidity before? total control of the dream, where once even enters dreamstate in lucidity, sometimes not even requiring RC.

what i want to ask such people is, what crazy things can be done(although i know anything can be done) in your LD? have you tried, jumping from a building? cutting your finger off? shooting your leg with a pistol? i dont know but anything that would definitely hurt you in real life.

does it take as much courage to do it in real life as in the LD? or is there anyone that can be so aware of lucidity that he can shoot himself in LD and know that he will not die?

i dont think that is possible for me. first off i dont think i have that kind of ability for absolute lucidity. secondly i simply dont trust myself or my RCs for that matter, completely, or enough to so such a thing. the problem is when im awake, i know im not dreaming. but when im dreaming i cant tell for sure if i am or not. and the only way to find out is through RCing. i’d need to tell my sub-c to trust me.

and is pain real during LD? as in if i shoot my leg, and it starts to hurt (as it obviously would in real life and apparently so in movies), what do i do? Should it hurt in the first place?

Hey Gregorian,

In absolute lucidity you can do eveything you want. Summon people, kill, have sex, fly, die, run, reverse gravity, summon object, stellar travel… kinda everything.

About pain, that’s diffirent for everyone, but if you “say” it won’t hurt, it won’t and vice versa. You are in control, so you make all rules!


Ye that’s pretty nais ^^ I know I’m a n00b here and pretty new with lucidity but I already had complete contoll over my dream, but I didnt know anything bout lucidity there (~1 month ago) and several other half-controllable dreams (where I could just controll a few things) but it’S GREAT (full control) unfortunately I’ve only had 1 full control one, hope get many more thanks to the great info/stuff on teh page :wink:

One of the LDs i had i jumped off the world trade center right after 9/11. during the time…it was fun :smile: i didnt feel anything except exitement in the pit of my stomach. right before i hit the ground i woke up and jumped out of my bed. i think jumping off of a building stops a dream :razz: anyways…other things ive done is go on a gun rage and just shoot everybody…hehe. im evil. and the dream i had last night :happy: i flew and went extremely high and almost went to outerspace [ which looked red in my dream ] anyways…i stopped flying and was falling for so long, and then started flying again before my dream stopped. my all time favy is flying! it feels great and is so exciting! also going underwater is kickass too because u can breathe. hmm…what are other ones… oh yeah, SEX. :razz: and dont forget going through mirrors. :smile:

Some ideas


heh i didnt know that was there…thx hallstrom

In absolute lucidity you can do anything. I personally would take the chance to have an OOBE.

i still think flying is the best ^^

You can do nothing in general but anything in particular

come to think about it i never had a real dream for a few weeks now, maybe lack of sleep i dunno. last night i had a vague dream, one that lasted maybe a few minutes. the funny thing is i felt i wasnt ‘involved’ in that dream–i was merely sort of a passive observer. cant do anything in that one. also quite strange to me that the dreams i have are always lucid. that is i enter dreamstate knowing im in a dream, without having to RC at all. the fact is if i can ask myself to RC, i already know im dreaming. kinda confusing but you know, in real life reading my post you already know you arent dreaming.

the thing is, i rarely dream im outdoors. and my dreams dont occur smoothly, but rather of changing scenarios every few minutes. so its hard for me to grasp a concept of STAYing in a particular dream and living it out as an LD. perhaps nexttime i dream im in my room i’ll open the door and fly to space. i would love that :wink:

another thing about having total control of an LD i find difficult. in my LDs i can manipulate situations. but so can my subconscious. things that i think about can also occur, regardless of whether i want it to happen or not. say, just for a fleeting moment i think of a large monster, and then quickly dismiss it from thought, a monster would still substantiate from thin air -.- things happen regardng what i think of, though sometimes what i think may not be what i want to happen. if for a moment im afraid the dream will end, most likely it will. if im afraid of losing my flightwhile 5000ft of the ground…oh dear am i in a pickle.

i really want to be in my world…where no rules apply :happy:

last night i was falling asleep, then right as my dream started i realized i was dreaming. i realized my mind was moving my legs not me, so i started running and i jumped(which is what i usualy do to start flying in my dreams) i started flying. the view was amazing a whole city around me that kept going, i started to fear what my mind was creating, i saw an explosion out of view and feared that it was me creating it and then everything went dark.

another time i figured out i could control my dream but didnt know it was a dream i figured id just awoken powers id always had inside me. i was able to move people and fly. i busted open a water main by looking at it too hard. i was wondering the depths of my powers so i looked at the horizon which was a valley with trees all around and the background scene was mountains, i focused hard wanting to destroy the senorie infront of me. i felt the ground shaking and i clenched my fists and focused on pulling the picture apart and i split the whole world in half.

people dont lie to me in my dreams, when i ask them if im dreaming they tell me, and often times tell me im dreaming before i ask. i had dreams about being in school and kids telling me i was dreaming as i walked down the halls.

i had another dream where i realized i could fly and i started to teach others how to fly.

i have a question though, why in all my dreams do i dream of the same places, the slight differences in my dreams are always in my dreams but dont exist there in real life, i always dream of the same messed up school, or the same messed up city, or my parents houses connect all the time.

What can you do in absolute lucidity? :confused:

ANY DAMN THING you want! :content:

Try just going along with the dream–not like an ND, where you’re not in control of your actions, but make choices and stuff, but don’t change anything intentionally–just go with the flow of the dream and see where it takes you.

You may think you’re not doing too much now, but when you’re lucid it’ll feel a whole lot different… :wink:

o garlic you’re a clever ol bean

and btw i just wanted to tell you all about this crazy old lady that has an atk-74 with a bipod that shoots at me in this recurring dream. . .she’s crazy

I know somebody who can: Flo. But she doesn’t come on the forum for years.

Of course, it’s possible. You can teleport, change into an animal, breathe under water, into fire, water or air, make the whole dream background explode, etc. etc. etc.

I hope he’s aware he will not die! As you know you’re dreaming, if your lucidity is good enough, you’ll know you’ll not die.

Just try increasing lucidity techniques: counting, doing simple maths, shouting “Increase lucidity!” etc. And about RC’s, if you have 7 fingers or can stretch them, you’re dreaming for sure.

That’s right.

It depends on what you expect. By the way, if it starts to hurt, I suppose that focusing on something else in the dream will change the context.

i cant wait until i have my 1st lucid dream!

I’m sorry if you can’t understand what i’m trying to say, but in absolute Lucidity can you alter yourself in real life in any particular way. I read in Stephen Laberge’s book that people have used it to heal. Has anyone done anything like this?