Sociopath? Find out :)

So, how DO you know if you’re a sociopath (besides the obvious). A Psychology friend told me this one the other day & thought you guys would enjoy it.

Answer this riddle:

May’s mother passes on. As chance may have it, she hooks up with a great guy named Joe at her mother’s funeral. The next day she goes home and kills her sister. Why?

I know it’s twisted, but what’s life without a little twist :flower:

Maybe … Joe was going with her sister, that’s why he was at the mothers funeral, she decided to kill her sister to have him all to herself? :grin: Just picking this randomly of the top of my head.

She was hoping that the guy was showing up at her funeral again… :grin:

Nay, just kidding. That’s what you’re supposed to answer if you’re a sociopath, right? I’ve heard this one before, and the first time I heard it, I said excatly the same thing as Imagine did. So stop looking at me like if I was a weirdo :smile:

But actually, this is an urban legend, based on stereothpes. Being a sociopath is a complex psycological syndrome, and can’t be revealed only by one question. Most sociopaths would probably answer like normal people (simply because they’re not stupid), that it was because she wanted him all for herself. Once I watched a documentary on TV (on a Norwegian channel, NRK1), about these sociopaths (or psychopath, like they called them before), and there was a professor, or something, that said that there was a checklist with something like 40 questions, which was used to find out if a person was a sociopath. So, why shold only one question be enough? Just asking. Well anyway, here’s more about it:

Imagine, I think that’s what most people say, so I think you’re safe :smile:

Well, Lucidity, I understand your concern for the world of sociopaths and their respective stereotypings, but this really is just a silly riddle which I don’t think anyone actually considers a respectable form of psychoanalysis. I studying to be a psychotherapist, which is why I find these so amusing.

If I DID believe that this contained true merit, I would not have brought it up, after all, :flower: I got the qusetion right :flower:

I would have answered, ‘why not?’.

This is a very common ‘test’ going around at the moment. :smile:

I’ve been asked by 3 people so far, each of whom seem intent on revealing my inner psychotic tendancies :wink:. This, along with several other specialized questions are actually used as a basis to determine sociopath personalites within an observed test environment.

Don’t take it too seriously though, you should see the real test. :cool: