Socks cause nightmares. No seriously.

okay, so i have this new pair of winter socks. and its designed so that halfway up my foot, there is a really tight almost rubberband like section that constricts my foot. It’d be your average sock, if it wasn’t for this rubberband effect on my foot.

Anyways, the very first time i wore these socks to bed, i had terrible nightmares. and for the past month, whenever i decide to wear the socks to bed, i have bad nightmares. Always.

Anyways i want to know if anyone else has experienced this, or is there some logical explanation of this. thanks

I’ve had this happen twice lol
It was witha a pair of knee high wooly skiing socks.And these weren’t run from a monster these were full of blood and gore!An awesome expierience!Same happens when I eat or drink any dairy
product and go to sleep.

Wow, I’m going to try this. But really…socks?

Chances are they are a little tight and restricting blood flow.

My step-brother used to wear PJ pants that were too tight and it caused him to have nightmares. He would cry in his sleep, whimper etc.

hey guys thanks for the responses :smile:

twilightwolf: wow, you like nightmares? i gotta respect that really, the only think i like about nightmares is waking up :tongue: actually it can be thrilling, kinda like finishing watching a horror movie

HurricaneAK: yup, socks. yer only try this if you actually like intense nightmares, seriously they get pretty hardcore.

Mohegan: thankyou that was very insightful, and im glad im not going crazy. yer as i said, its regular socks, but halfway through they have a really tight band on the middle of my foot, but clearly im not the only one this happens to. :cool:

Whenever I only have one sock on at night, I have a nightmare…

But I like rubbing the sock against the sole of my other foot. It tickles. :tongue:

when i have somthing that tickles my foot (like having small stoes in my socks ) i tend to have more interresting dreams and better recall :grin:

i often where socks to bed, but no nightmares.
but they probbaly arent that tight

Wow, you could so use that to get lucid!

You guys wear socks in bed? lol :happy:

Socks make my feet sweaty… D:

Despite the fact that I sleep in a basement, it’s REALLY hot down there at night. I have no vents in my room. :sad:

I think you just happened to have a nightmare on the first night you wore those socks. When you made the connection between socks and nightmares you started thinking to yourself you would have nightmares whenever you wore those socks. Now your subconscious is doing that automatically. But who knows, I could be wrong. I rarely ever have nightmares… I wish I had more, their so much fun… :user: