Soft Sound Syndrome - 4S

Weird i seem to recall a poll function…oh well.

Curious, how many people here have a condition called soft sound syndrome, or 4S syndrome.

Its where you cant stand the sound of certian sounds… most of the time its people smacking their lips, or soft S sounds. Chewing, smacking lips, knives and forks against plates, clicking, crunching sounds, soft breathing etc.

Effects can range from outbursts to physical strikes against the person or thing making the sound, to complete and total issolation from society due to a needing to escape from the negative effects assoiated with the sound.

Most of the time it starts in late teens. raging from 15-19, but has also been show in some cases of childhood and adults who did not already have it as a teen. People who have this condition remember what it was like not to be effected by the noises.

And if anyone one knows of anyway to cure this please post here too.