[software] Infinity

the Lucid Remix is wonderful

Ok, so here’s the thing:

On Wednesday, I’m not going to be near this computer, so I won’t be able to do the program. I’m starting it for the first time after I wake up (EST; I think it’ll get confusing to start it at 2am). Could I type out/write down what I have to do for the next few days, but not do them until then, and put the mp3 files on my iPod? Or is it important to be surprised of each step and not know what I’m supposed to do until that day?

I’m probably too late for this response, but I’ll post it up anyway. It’s fine if you know what later days hold for you (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to reuse the program). So, it’s perfectly fine for you to do such a thing :smile:

Alright, just making sure that it doesn’t interfere with the thought process or anything.
And you’re not too late. Turns out that I’m staying on for another week.
Thanks for the info :smiley:

Heh well good luck to you! Sorry for the delay :grin:

Is this a different version than from a few months ago?
I must have downloaded this and Paradiso a year or so ago, is it updated at all?

No. The only reason for a new thread was to give links to a new server and just start over (the other thread had almost 20 pages, lol).

I somehow didn’t wake up from my alarm clock and therefore unintentionally skipped day 6. Should I repeat that process before moving on to day 7? Also can you further describe the hand technique? I don’t entirely understand it. Should the lights be on and I am therefore looking at my hands?

While it wouldn’t be too much of an issue to move on to Day 7, if you have the endurance, I’d go for doing Day 6 again.

As for the Hand Technique, yes, you literally have the lights on during the initial part of the technique. Once you focus on your hands while repeating your mantra for several minutes, you can then turn the lights out and gently start to fall asleep while still visualizing your hands.

If it helps, I’ve copied and pasted what is in the Lucid Dreaming Digibook. For the most part, it’s the same as what’s described in Infinity.

Following the Infinity guide, I was onto stage two, looking at my hands imagining, then visualizing. After visualizing for a good half hour, I felt my toes go incredibly numb and I was EXTREMELY heavy. Accidently moved and cancelled it, but if I continued, would I enter a LD through WILD?

What you were describing could have in fact been sleep paralysis. If you would’ve held on for a bit longer, you could’ve easily acquired lucidity. What I personally do when I reach this point (which, unfortunately, has only occurred a handful of times) is simply open my eyes and what I see is the dreamworld. I’m not sure how to describe how I actually open them other than the fact that I force my dream body to open them.

Anyway, if you do some searching on the forums or even on google or something, there’s loads of articles on sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. Congratulations on the progress! :smile:

I’m going to test it. (i’ve been working on my own software, with little luck, so, i’m going to see if yours works better than mine…If i get at least 1 lucid dream, you win.)

Hehe there’s no winning and losing. Different things work for different people. How better to investigate new possibilities than to produce something that’s never been seen before? You’re obviously welcome to try Infinity, but I think you should continue with your program until it’s ready for everybody else. If you need a tester or anything like that, I’m just a message away.

Hey, I’m just starting on the Infinity training exercise, and I will be sure to post any results from the training in the future. BTW, if I do have a lucid dream, it will be the first one I’ve had, ever.
However, I do have one question: Can you upload a file to reverse the curse? I got a little freaked out after listening to the whole of “CurseLucidDreams” #1, and I think I might want out… :sad:
Thanks in advance.

Ok, I will message you, and…that is a very nice avatar you have…

Hehe I can understand why that would seem a little freaky. You should see some of the other stuff that this guy does. There are curses that pretty much psychologically embarass the individual. I’ve yet to listen to them, but they’re listed on his website. At any rate, there is a music file that will take any of his curses away. All you have to do is listen to it once. I advise not listening to it unless you absolutely want the curse to be lifted. Click here for the file.

Magic Qwan, good luck! :content:

Thanks, I listened to the file, and had no luck the first night, but I am tempted to try again…

Ok… it has been 13 nights since I’ve started this program and, with the included aid of other substances such as mugwort, omega-3, and orange juice, I still have yet to experience my first lucid dream. Do I just not “have the talent”? I’ll continue on the program but according to your data this is the longest one has been, yes? I’ve been doing everything that the program has been telling me to and beyond… :cry:

Hehe there is nothing wrong with you. You are certainly not the first to experience this. My data that is posted on the first post was from a survey dating back to 2007. While it did include over 150 people, that is only but a fraction of the amount of people who have tried the program. I’ve recieved a few messages regarding slow starts and whatnot.

My advice to you is to take a small break from trying to incubate a lucid dream. You could continue on with the program, but the amount required to do so is just going to keep draining you. If you’re confident and feel like you want to keep going, by all means continue, but if you are feeling a little tired and frustrated, just forget about techniques and lucidity for a while and go on with your waking life. Come back a week or two later and try picking it up again with a fresh start. Stress can do a lot to a person and I have no doubt that lucid dreaming is one of those things affected by it.

When you’re trying to win a marathon and you get tired, you slow down and keep a steady pace to ensure endurance. Go too fast and you’ll wear yourself out and fall behind. Go too slow and you’ll forget your purpose. There’s my philosophical thought of the day, hah.

I have only had half-lucid dreams before, I hope this program can do anything about that. I’m at Day 2 now.