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[color=darkblue][size=142]The Migration from Normal Dreams to Lucid Dreams[/size][/color]
Programmed & Written by: BenDrummin58
Tested by: Lunatic, Guitar Man, and Miskingo[/color]

Coming soon!

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General Information
Lucid Warp is a seven day training course that transforms you and your mind to allow yourself to Lucid Dream at will. Many people have called this idea the “Holy Grail” of Lucid Dreaming, and to be honest with you, it is.

You learn to believe and expect various things to happen by experimenting each day with new things. Every day builds up ontop of the other, which ends up giving you the ultamite power to lucid dream. You will also figure out how to control your mind, rather than have your mind control you–a skill very helpful in many areas even outside of the lucid dreaming world.

Ideally, it’s only necessary to take this course once. After the initial experience, as long as you keep the same state of mind as you did during the seven days, you will start to notice a very successfull lucid dreaming career–one they may even allow you to control your dreams every single night.

During this course, all you have to do is believe, and you will be able to accomplish anything you set your eyes on. Regardless, I do recommend those who are novice in the world of lucid dreaming to step down a few notches and check out my other program, Infinity (linked above). Infinity is more of a standardized way of achieving lucidity and has been very effective for many. Lucid Warp is definitely not for everybody.

The following preview is from the first page of the introduction of Lucid Warp.

Preview of Lucid Warp

I like it

Why did you make it available to prenium members only?

Rapidshare says its only avalible for premium members when the downloadslots are full, try again later and it will work, or try the megaupload link.

I loved it!!! =DD

I’m on the first day, so after the 7th I’ll post the results here =DD

nice inspirational music playing, i like it already

How does this not have like 100,000 pages of comments? This software is amazing! You’ve obviously spent a lot of time on it! For any skeptical potential users, I can tell you that it DOES work. I’m not done with the journey yet, but already it’s given me more awareness in my dreams. I was in a very realistic dreamscene last night and if I hadn’t been woken up to go to school, I know that I would’ve been CLICK, LUCID in no time :razz:

I got to the part where you say I can use the power of belief to win the lottery. I’ll read on some more, but that bit really killed any credibility you had from me. :neutral:

Well, may people practice autosuggestion and related stuff (like Law of attraction) on lower levels too, and can report brilliant successes (like me); just try for yourself on something small, and just see how far can it bring you.

What’s the point in worrying about the result anyway? You sure aren’t helping solving the problem with those doubts you’re having, so just try it while going on with your life, the software is made to bring you confidence in the inner workings of your mind, the ones that happen below the surface, like keeping the exact time. You sure aren’t counting seconds all the time, are you? Yet, you can guess the exact time anytime you want.

Once you get to believe it is possible to do such a thing, you can just try more and more, and see how much if effectively possible. Just try for yourself and see, but remember to do it with a hint of noshalance, as just letting the SC mind do its work wll bring the best results :wink:

I know how important belief is in lucid dreaming, I practiced it for about a year. I just think our views on it are way different. To me, our brains are fragile little chemical blobs we can affect to a large extent with our beliefs. To you, it seems the world is the fragile little blob. Belief can only change what’s in your head, your perception of the world. The lotto numbers are generated by a computer somewhere, and no matter how hard you think about it, no magic is going to change that. Stop reading the Secret and read Science! :content: OK, sorry, that’s enough thread derailing, carry on!

Well, to be honest, I’m a science guy too, and I too disbelieve the lottery can be won that way :tongue: but nonetheless, it’s just about ourselves we’re talking here, not the external world, and how we can change our behavior/possibilities with a little confidence in ourselves. You do believe we’re able to influence our dreams, don’t you? :wink:

Awesome =O
Seeing as how I’m just getting back to writing in my DJ and stuff, this is gonna be a bumpy start, but it looks interesting so I’ll try it.

I read this topic about a week ago and decided to try it out, but conquered by laziness- I tried to take a short cut instead. I thought, "Huh, why wait 7 days instead of believing now?″ So, at first I tried to tell myself that I truely believed I would have a lucid dream the next time I fell asleep. But deep down I knew I doubted it, really doubted it. Why? Because at the time, my quest for lucidity was going horribly. But then, out of no where, one day I told myself I need to stop this, Im in control of what I believe, not my doubts and negitivity. So, at that point I managed to get myself to believe that Id have lucid dreams. That point, is now. Ive tried this "believe" approach, and while not yet being fully successful due to just starting out, Ive made progress. I`ve been improving my ability to manipulate what I dream about.

So, in conclusion, I want to say thanks. Your words have opened my mind, and I believe in time I can actually make this work. :smile:

Best Regards,

Awesome Namine. congrats and good luck :smile:

Downloading this and the Goods (from infinity)

Wish me luck

so what it is? im confused

To sum it up, LD’ing mostly depends on confidence you will.
And this weekly program aims to let your confidence in your possibilities grow to the point you’re certain of something happening if you want it to.

ok i downloaded it…hope it works.
wish me luck :smile:

what if i cant get the hiccups? do i jus skip it?