[software] Reality Check Reminder tool


I made a small reminder tool for reality checks, that is really unobtrusive (something that I had been looking for in other reminder tools). chrylers.com/2007/01/22/disc … nder-tool/

It’s free, btw.

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Says norton.

But it doesnt work for me.

That’s odd. Do you have the .NET 2.0 runtime installed?
You can download it from here: microsoft.com/downloads/deta … laylang=en

Very nicely done Chryler. I got it working right up front and liked the fact that it’s displayed only in the taskbar. My only comment on it is it might be a little too discreet. Unless I’m actually waiting for it, I find myself missing when it’s going off because I’m too distracted looking at something else. I have no idea how this would be fixed without showing something out of the taskbar other than you simply playing a brief sound that would trigger the user to realize it’s blinking. Maybe you could even flash the whole screen just barely. Not sure…

Nonetheless I do like it and plan on keeping it. Good job :cool:

Thank you.
I have made some minor adjustments to it - allowing you to manually select the flash duration and play sounds. This should make it just a little less discreet. I’ll inform you when I upload the new version.

I downloaded it and it seems to be great, but let me see if I got it right - every time I’m looking at it I should do a reality check, right? :smile:
Anyway, thank you for posting it here, I think it’ll really help me and probably other people too. :biggrin:

Perhaps you could have an option where it flashes until the circle is clicked on once?

That is a good idea.
I implemented it - sort of - by allowing you to set the flash duration and by making a click stop the flashing. To achieve what you request, you could simply set a very long duration (set the counter to 10000 etc.)…
If there are any other suggestions, post them here and I will consider them. Also, you you have some great sounds (with no legal restrictions), I would be glad to include them.

You can download v0.2 from the same location.

I found this topic by google and now I am actually quite curious to use it. However, the link appears to be down. Do you or anyone else still have it somewhere? Thanks!

I wouldn’t really bank on those “RC reminders”. They just tell you to do a RC, but you don’t remember to do a RC without external help.
For a RC to work properly in dreams, you have to do it yourself - there will be no computer or something like that to remind you to do a RC.
You must get a habit of doing RC’s when you see something illogical, or a DS, not because you see a reminder on your computer screen.
Computers will not increase your awareness, you must do it yourself.

I thought as much, but I just can’t seem to make myself remember to do them. It’s like impossible to me. Even when I try to connect them to daily things like opening a door or sitting down etc.

I tell myself that I will do a RC when opening a door, and walk around the house on purpose opening all doors while doing a RC, in the hope that I am teaching my mind to make myself remember to do a RC while opening a door, but nothings seems to help. Thanks for your reply though!

True. I’ve experienced with such method myself without any results simply because the reminders don’t happen in your dream. I’ve tried reminder apps and carrying LD tokens around, but no results what so ever. Only apps that gave RC reminders while being asleep (like beeps and other sounds) did show some results.

If anyone want’s on of these then I can knock one up tommorow for you.