[software] You Are Dreaming software

You Are Dreaming is a free LD helper software I wrote for Windows-XP.

It helps to make you think about LD, both directly and subliminaly, and remind you to do reality checks, by using text tickers and flashs. It is very flexible and configurable.

To download go to my website at sadglad.com
Click on New Site, and then on Software.

Hope you find it useful.

i’ll give it a shot :smile:
Nice little program harasses you :smile: asks you if you are dreaming quite useful if you are surfing the web or if you spend any amount of time on the computer I’ll go test to see if it works while you are playing games. :smile:

LOL this is pure genius. Here’s to Dream Initiated Lucid Dreams taking little to no effort to have except for the few minutes to download this application. Much appreciated, dodobird, and I look forward to any other software you program. :smile:

unfortunately does not work while playing command and conquer 3 :sad: oh well i spend more time on the net anyway :tongue:
i look forward to any future software and i hope you become an active member of the community :smile:

I tried it, and it’s starting to work. I had a some-what lucid dream last night, I heard and felt explosions, and was thinking if my bed would ignite or not, but I never got lucid, because my alarm went off! And I wasn’t even keeping a DJ when it happened!

Hi, I have a suggestion to the YAD users. I think it’s better to not put it in the Startup so that it runs automatically everytime you run the computer. Because what happens is that after a about a week you become accostumed to it, and your mind start to ignore it. I think it will be more effective if you run it manualy once in a while.[/u]

Yeah, I run it manually whenever I log in.

wow i think this helped me break a dryspell! even if i was lucid only for a second! was great nonetheless!

Hey that really great :happy:

Ok this time I had a longer lucid.

It’s funny sometimes when i close my eyes at night i can see words scrolling across my vision lol.

I customised the Hypnotic commands to see if i can choose what DC’s i LD with. I hope it works.

Looks pretty cool. This along with another subliminal message generator should get me there in no time :happy:


won’t work for me

Prolly cuz internet explorer doesn’t work on my computer

I try to open it in firefox but that don’t work either

I don’t want my parents to be browsing the net and then all of a sudden some text starts dancing around the screen.

all you do is click the tree in the task bar and it goes away .

Can you explein in more detail how it doesn’t work?

I’m trying it very interesting, good job, what did you write it in?

Wrote it in C++, using WIN32 API on Microsoft Visual C++ 2005