soldier needs help

Ok, so as I stated before, I have lucid dreams here and there without trying, but I want them at will. What should I do? I sleep during the day time, usually for about 7(ish) hours. I have a hooch (room basically) all to myself thats pretty dark, but still some outside light from the sun gets in. I fall asleep pretty quickly, usually within 15 minutes or so of laying down. I am just looking for suggestions since I am new to actually TRYING to become lucid. Thanks in advance for your help!

[Lizard King's Lucid Dream Guide)

That should cover the basics.

And most important, have patience and never give up :wink:

If find “drifting” in and out is useful. If I’m reading in school, my consentration on the book somehow results in and LD every time. (I sleep in school a lot)