Some different verbal commands to try...

We all know the In crease Lucidity now! or Lucidity x 1000! So why isnt there a Stay Lucid! or Do not lose lucidity when the dream fades? I havent tested it out, but any1 else want to?

I like using other commands. Sometimes I’ll use LUCIDITY X 700.
I find that it’s a little more realistic than X 1000. I’ve also tried lucidity times 3.4, that worked great too! Ultimately, the exact words don’t matter - there is no “open sesame” … it’s all about expressing your intention to stay lucid. :wink:

Interesting. I’m going to try this the next time I go lucid. Increase lucidity now works pretty well, and I’ll try anything to stay lucid for as long as possible.
I have also tried “Stop Time Now!”, but have to try it way more to find out if this is working (have longer LDs)
Don’t know if it will work though. It seems that most of the times I have awoken from a LD it was because I got too excited.

“So why isnt there a Stay Lucid! or Do not lose lucidity when the dream fades?”
I dont think those orders would work.Hmm…hard to explain with my english.Subcounciousness needs to KNOW that dream wont ever fade or stop.Telling it DONT suggests it fades allready,add to it all emotions and little panic and youre ready to wake up.
I think it would be better to think"ok now its an ld and i have all the time to do whatever i want"
im not sure if the difference is visible.I might be wrong about it but i sense it this way.

Yes. In autosuggestion to your subconscious, you must turn all phrases into positive ones. “Do not lose lucidity” would be turned into “Stay Lucid”
and “I won’t run out of time” turns into “I have all the time in the world to LD” or something like that. Gotta put feeling into it.

So reverse psychology won’t work on the subconcious? :eh:

It might be fun to try and trick your subconcious with commands like, “Go ahead and wake up, what do I care?” or “I don’t really want to have a lucid dream right now.” What do you think? :happy:

my subconcious is just out to get me… reverse psychology is a good tactic…excelent work sage…

the war is to the deceive. In quest for luciditiy, we are in war with consciousness, trying to battle. To decieve consciousness with false notion is almost crazy enough to not work. ^.^

but I will give shot to new command.

Well, yes, I think reverse psychology could work in a way.
When you are developing an attitude like “hey, wake up if you want to, I don´t care” it´ll make you panic less, and we all know that it is easier to stay in a dream when you are calm.
Perhaps real reverse psychology could even work as well:
Perhaps some of you know how it is when you desperately want to awake from some lucid (or semi-lucid) nightmare.You start to panic, but all you achieve are FAs and stuff, it is suddenly DIFFICULT to wake up.
The only problem is that you need to “trick” (or better: convince) yourself.But that is what we are practicing anyway, don´t we? (I know I can fly… this is a dream, there isn´t any gravity… it´s easy… :wink: )


When I used verbal commands in my very early lucid dreams, power words did not work, but tend to wake me up or make the dream behave reversably than I had wished. I believe that the reason for this was, that I begged my subconscious(or something) to fulfill my wishes, which probably should not be done. The subconscious should rather be considered as a tool or a slave at your control, so that the verbal commands do not incloude the thought of asking/praying some higher power for changes to happen. Dream should be imagined as perfectly as possible to be fully at your effortless command.

what about “This is my world. Everything here is at my disposal?” no? Would work?

:cool_laugh: hey
i know something that workseven after youve faded out of a dream…stay concious while your falling asleep

Well, I’ve only used verbal commands once. But they worked quite well…

In the dream, I felt that my ears were plugged up. So I said, “Clear ears now.” And it worked. Later in my dream, I wanted to go somewhere new so I said “Surprise me.” And that worked too. The room I wound up in didnt have any doors, so when I tried the verbal command “Let me out,” I woke up. Funny how that works…

About waking up, there was a Star Trek Voyager episode about Lucid dreaming.

Chakotay’s dreamsign was the moon which used to appear randomly all over the place (?)…

To wake up he would tap the back of his hand 3 times. This would wake him up.
The problem was he had an FA. :bored:

I need to find this episode. I have it taped somewhere…

Perhaps we could condition ourselves to wake up from an LD using the same method?

but why wouuld one want to awake?

Well, if you knew you were going to be late for work or something… :tongue:

I’ve never actually used verbal commands before. I haven’t used much at all, actually… I spin sometimes, and that doesn’t work too well. Rubbing my hands seems to be the best for me, but last time I tried that I lost lucidity pretty quickly. I’ll have to remember to do some of these verbal commands… :grin:

Let me see… there shouldn’t be any good reason actually!

In the episode he needs to wake up to do something with what he learnt during the lucid dream… Ok, then, perhaps we want to make sure we write something down in our dream diaries! But we risk an FA probably…

Well, I suppose being able to wake yourself up at will without having an FA would just be one of those neat things that you could brag about :tongue:

Again, why would you ever want to wake yourself up from an LD? :smile:

hey mom told me about a lucid dream she had once she was in her house and a aburglar came in and (ithink this is when she became lucid) she thought or said i need a gun and it popped up right in her hand and she tried to shoot it but it just clicked so she yelled or whatever “with bullets” and the gun laoded right there in her hand then she shot it at the guy and it killed him and then she was saying omg ididnt want to kill him i just wanted to hurt him and the wound dissapeared and then he came bakc to life and then a wound appeared on his leg and he fell down