Some guidance please ?

Hi there everyone, I’ve been trying to have lucid dreams from the day I joined this forum. So far I’ve not had any lucid dream consciously , I had some lucid dreams when I was a child, the first I realized out of nowhere that I was dreaming and I tried to woke up just to prove it …dumb I know , the second I tried to fly because I’ve always heard how you could fly in dreams, but it failed and I wrongly realized that I couldn’t shape my dreams like some cartoons suggested, so I woke up again.

Now I’m trying to have lucid dreams consciously, and I’ve been trying the MILD and WILD technique. I’ve had no success with the MILD, I had dreams where I was thinking and focusing to have lucid dreams but I could not realize I was already dreaming. But somewhere in this site I saw that MILD are useless if when you do your reality checks you are convinced they will not work because you know you are awake, so from on now I’ll change that.

My true questions come from WILD because I used to meditate before sleeping I’m more comfortable with this practice and I’m trust it more. The first time I felt something from the WILD was feeling that beep in your ears, your body feels like it’s a foreign object (even through I didn’t try to move it), but from there I don’t know what to do…I should focus on the hypnagogic images but normally I don’t see any…and with my strife to calm myself and breathing slowly, I just get out of that state. The second time I was successfully in achieving that state I tried to visualize what I wanted my dream to be, I thought I could just give it a push, but nothing happened, I turned into my normal state again, and the visualization was as clear as a normal visualization is. The third time I actually started seeing faint white clouds and I wondered if I was having that transparent eye-lid phenomena…but it all got away quickly. The other time I try to WILD I just start counting and normally nothing happens, I stay for half hour in bed counting and nothing happening, or other times I have to struggle because my mind is getting sleepy so I have difficulty counting and remember where was I and difficulty saying the affirmations.

Can you guys give me tips on how to do this ? What should I do when I hear the buzzing and feel that “numbness” through my body and how to maintain it ? also what I experience looks like more an OBE to me than a LD, if I have an OE how do I change it to an LD ?

Thanks in advance :smile:

Well i have the same problem and what i’ve heard is that you should just ‘go with the flow’, I dont really understand whats meant by that myself though. Also i read that the when you hear buzzing thats more likely to be an OBE.

As burak said, this does sound like an OBE. If you ever have this again, my best advice is, as stated, ‘go with the flow.’ The true meaning is to not do anything until you feel you are ready. If you try to push yourself out of your body, you will just realize that you are not out and bring yourself back to step 1. The best thing to do is wait until you can clearly see out of your closed eyelids. Wait until everything looks as real as you are looking at this post. Hope this helps! - jUnKi3

Thanks for the advice guys, but then how can I change from an OBE to a lucid dream ?

Also I already had a kind of OBE experience before that I forgot about, I awoke from a nightmare and when I woke up I was in a sleep paralysis state and I tried to go for an OBE, I started to sit in the bed and I could see my light body from third and first person views at the same time, maybe it’s because of this that I’m more prone to have an OBE :eh: