Some help, please.

Hello! I am trying to teach my Fitness class about Lucid Dreams. The benifits, the how to’s, etc. I need help with 2 things. 1. A creative peice - a poem, song, something to ‘enhance’ the project maybe i could draw somthing? - 2. An activity to envolve the class. Any ideas?? thanks every1! :confused: oh… and a visual aid. :bored: sorry, thanks agian.

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In Lucidity Centerstage there are some people’s paintings of scenes from their lucid dreams; you might want to print a few of those.

Could you detail what your Fitness class is, age etc?

Hey thanks, thats a good idea! Um…well its my sophmore (high school) Fit for life class. Its a project were we spend 20 minutes teaching the class about anything we wish. I chose Lucid Dreams because its something I am very excitted about them so i though that would show and my class would get excitted too… thus… getting myself a better grade. :tongue:

  1. A creative peice
    if you can rent the movie Waking Life, show them a part of it
    show them Stephen Laberge’s book briefly

  2. An activity to envolve the class
    review the reality check and stabilizing methods, have them show you all the main ones and offer candy…or something nutritious I guess

Cool thanks alot!!!