Some issues ,concerns and questions please help :(

Hey guys. last night i had some crazy RD’s. When i woke up i wrote everything down in my DJ. Why are my dreams so , random, crazy, odd, and weird? Does it have anythign to do with how my mind works? and will this make lucidity harder?

Also i beleive i start on my sides and fall asleep on my stomach. I heard lucidness is HArd for stomach sleepers how ca ni fix this problem. Pleasee Help.

alot of people have really crazy dreams but its just a normal thing. I know my dreams arent like “normal” they’re just really messed up sometimes but its just how everyones brain works.

Also, lay on your back when you fall asleep and maybe but something hard next to you so that if u roll over you will go back on your back. Sleeping on your back will probably be uncomfortable the first night though.

Thanks. But isent sleeping on my back, just asking for me to get sleep paralysis? Also, mabye im pretty stressed : Drumline, Regents Exams, Fina lExams, Tests. So mabye when school over in the summer i can mabye LD easier

yea smart idea, im really stressed now too with school and everything so i havent been really into it latly

Dreams can be like that, It’s nothing to worry about :wink:

I can’t see why it would… I could mean if you dream in 3rd person sometimes [like I do] it could be tricky to be in the dream, and it’d be more like watching, but I don’t think It’ll affect your ability to get lucid. In fact it might even help if things in your dream happen that don’t happen IRL. You can train yourself to recognize that and become lucid.

Not necessarily, it seems that changing sleeping positions has different effects on different people. It could cause SP but it’s not any more likely than changing from sleeping on your front, to sleeping your sides; from how I understood it.

I’ve not heard that myself. Some people say it’s not good for your neck as it is at a bad angle, but I’ve heard people giving accounts of becoming lucid from sleeping on their chest.

Thanks everyone for your helpfull responses

below are 2 quit interesting link to “How stuffworks”. The other sections in both these topics below are also good to read :smile:

Link to Sleep : Quick explanation of “origin”/creation of our dreams

Link to Dreams : …Freud theory

My dreams used to be so crazy. I’d take pride in that. Now they are not that crazy anymore. Only sometimes. I suppose it’s relative though, dreams are pretty bizarre anyway. If you look at them through RL filters.