Some progress I hope!

I didn’t get an LD last night but it was different from my other dreams that I’ve had because I was really using my brain a lot and it was much clearer to me. I remember in the dream a friend of mine started singing some songs and I began to think hard about some songs from that artist as well. Also I was thinking a lot about the situations I was in (but not realizing that I was dreaming). To say the least I was acting like I would normally do IRL. Then I think I had a FA because I woke up, looked at my clock then before I returned to bed I looked at my clock again and it was different. Then I immediately woke up.
I don’t know maybe I’m just too excited to get a real LD, but tell me… Is this perhaps some progress in my quest for a real LD? :neutral:

Course it is :wink: ! Anything which you think is out of the ordinary and a little related to lucid dreaming is progress :smile:

Even a ND can be progress - a vivid ND is progress, a FLD is progress, a LD is progress :tongue:.

Good luck with it - you’re making progress :content:

Great! I’m glad to hear that. I guess I was just fussing too much over it. :happy:

Listen, anything you truly believe that might be progress, is progress - enough with the progress :content: