Some questions for lucid dream goggles users

I’m considering investing in one of these, but I am curious about multilple things first.

1.Before you bought it, how many LDs did you have on average and how much do you have using it?

2.Did it increase your ability to have a LD without using them? I’m sure they would make great practice and help you recognize your dreams more frequently.

3.Was it worth the money you payed for it? They all seem to have a heavy price tag to pay for even the simplest devices, but would you say it was worth the money invested?

4.And of course, which goggles do you use?

I really want a pair, but I need to find a cheaper alternative. Maybe I can wire a flashing LED light up to my alarm clock or something…

Well, my plan is if I don’t have a long length lucid dream anytime before christmas then I’m probably going to get NovaDreamer or something similar.

So no one uses dream goggles on this forum? :confused:

I suppose not many people use those :lol:

I think I remember BrainHacker having one.

I’d be curious to know about this stuff too. Ofcourse, Nova Dreamers cost a pretty penny in Canadian dollars, so I’d wanna be sure it was worth the investment.
So, anyway, ummm, yeah, fill me in too, k?

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