Some things i want answers on.

Hello there! Im new to this LD thing, but i have been dreaming lucid since i was a little kid. The question i have is: Does your thoughts apply to the dream, or just what you say? Because i really dont wanna meat up with my dead bigsister again…

And i got some kind of MP3 from the internet wich would guide you into the basics of LDing. Do you think it will work? Will i dream what i think about it? Because i think its a horror prank :razz:

Anyway, i would love answers :happy: See you!

I dont know about that mp3, but about ur first question…you might not always see what you want to see, and u might see something when you dont expect it. But I think you should wait for an answer from someone more experienced than me.

In my (only) luciddream I used my thought to get to a place (When I open my eyes , Ill bethere ) But then I concentrated hard on it . I had loads of other thoughts too, but they didnt make me do them .They only made me do them when I concentrated on it .

So I`ll say no .

But I`m not that experienced …

Anyway , that`s my 2 cents

Okay, anyone more experienced here that can tell me the risks of thoughts being “sensitive” to the LD?

from my experinces , your thoughts apply more than what you say. Lets say if you knock a door and have the idea that your sister is behind it , this really increases the chances of your sister being behind it. You must get rid of this kind of thoughts .

Well… If you expect to see your big sister, then you most likely will… So the trick is to believe/know that she wont appear. Just try not to bring up any thoughts about your sister.

Well i will do my best. Yesterday i tried the MP3 i have been talking about, everything started to spin around and i felt relaxed, but something scared me, i didnt know what would come next. So i stopped my MP3-player and sudden i got headache and couldnt move my fingers!

Sounds like you were close to a LD.
If you couldnt move your fingers it was probably SP

Yeah sounds a bit like SP, although it usually affects my whole body except for my eyes (never been paralysed in one bpdy part), and I wouldnt call what I feel in my head a headache, but I guess you could. Actually once I had a really intense SP that I could only decsribe as an attack on my mind from an outside source! It was crazy.

Do you mind telling me where you got the mp3 Avenger? Id like to try it, it sounds like it was working for you.

If it was only your fingers that were paralysed, then I don’t think it was SP (but don’t take my word on this).