Some tips that worked got me my first lucid dream in 3 days

Im new here, very interested in Lucid dreaming.
I figure, since most newbies ask questions, i will start my first post, by giving some advice to people trying to lucid dream.
#1. Read a crap load on lucid dreaming. duh
#2. Do reality checks every half hour of your waking life. holy crap does this work for me. I bought this watch that has a timer on it. It goes off every half hour. When i reality check, i make sure that i really question if im dreaming, even if i know im not. I look at the time 3 times, i look at my hands, i press buttons on my watch to make sure that it works correctly. ALl in all, takes about 15 seconds, well worth it.
#3. I swear by this too. wake up after 6 hours of falling asleep. Stay up for about 15 minutes, read to yourself affirmations like. I will be come lucid in my sleep this morning. If i happen to fall unconscious, i will suddenly become aware, truly believe and have confidence with what you are saying. Go to bed repeating 1 im dreaming, 2 im dreaming, 3 im dreaming etc. until you fall asleep.
#4. If you smoke pot, stop. I smoke pot a lot, and it does not help. It may be different for some, but me i loose my memory and dreams.
#5. Take these supplements: Lecithin, Valerian root, Bee pollen. They work wonders. Also vitamin B.
#6. Eat cheese before you go to bed. I always have intense dreams, if not nightmares when i eat cheese. The reason? It is hard for your stomach to digest and it tranfers to your mind causing intense shit.

By following those simple guidelines, i had a lucid dream within 3 days of ever trying. its been 2 weeks and i’ve had 5 all to gether. Still looking for many tips though, as i am still in the infant stages.

peace and lucidity

not really anything new here, but it does bring it to ur attention. I think i will do some of those, jus need to find a watch that can beep every 30mins…

I’ll try the CHEESE tonight! We have ultra-strong cheese in the fridge that I LOVE so nobody will think it’s weird that I’m snacking on cheese in the middle of the night! Good job on your LD!


I agree on that Vitamin B part. Alcohol in general will just dumben down my dreams; drank some spirits yesterday and I can’t remember anything at all of my dream today except for that I was walking in my deceased grandma’s house.

On the other hand - if I drink BEER (alcoholic or not doesn’t matter) my dreams become very vivid and easy to remember; contain a lot of details and so on. Believe it is because of the yeast content = vitamin B12 content. (correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s vitamin B12/yeast in those pills that teenagers usually take to prevent them from getting too many zits).

Just my $.02.

Maybe because beer contains hops? I really have to try hops buds :happy:

btw, the cheese thing really works. I tried it several times an got a decent number of really weird dreams. Don’t know if it works for lding though…

once when I was eating cheese my mother said that cheese gives you nightmares too :neutral:

so then… I kind of wanted to eat some but decided not to…

I think I will tonight though

I read on the lucid dreaming newsgroup that a teaspoon of musturd and a pickeled gerkin can help lucid dreaming before bedtime…it’s worth a try I guess…

All sounds like sound advice, except I seem to have a very strong problem with repetition (as in MILD), hypnosis, or taking drugs that might make me LD. Basically anything that involves changing my mind (by that, I actually mean changing my mind rather than just being indecisive, if you get what I mean) either in the short-term or long-term. Just thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. sigh Poor me. Anyway, welcome newbie person. Please keep posting.

lol incase u didnt know just thinkin bout lucid dreamin is chainging ur mind lol, umm good luck not thinkin bout it


Yeah, but it’s not for the sole purpose of changing it, it’s because I want to think about it.

how much cheese do you eat before sleeping?

get that hard brick sharp chedder cheese and eat a good 1 inch by 1 inch by 2 inch slice of cheese. I eat more, i like cheese :cool_laugh:

Does it make any difference if the cheese is very strong, or very mild? Because i love cheese… But only if it’s mild (mhmm, and with caraway seeds :smile:)

haha imagine your dreams if you hate an entire brick (without vomiting after heheh)

one time I ate cheese and drank wine all night and threw it all up. It was the most disgusting vomit ever…anyway. :shrug: I notice a lot of foods recomended to eat before bed. I think the common denominator is some sort of strong flavor. Spicy foods, pickled foods, cheese, mint. Seems like its all the same theory to me.

LMAO, hehe i thought u were gonna say like I had the most vivid dreams ever…might make that my sig in a while lol

This may sound like a stupid question but i’m curious as to whether or not you leave your watch on the timer function while you go to sleep. Mine isn’t loud enough to wake me up so it wouldn’t be unreasonable for me to just leave it on.


I think a lot of people have tried that. In most cases you just never hear the watch beep in your dream

so uh, does American Cheese count? I’m asking because I don’t consider American cheese to be real cheese. It plain sucks to me… no offense to you American cheese lovers…

ROFL :grin:

As long as it’s made of milk…
You don’t have s problem with American milk, do you? :wink: