some tweaking to "who is online"

As you may have noticed, and may have done a RC - I am tweaking with the “who is online” section at the top of the forum.

feedback is appreciated :smile:

oops, i guess i should have posted it here instead:


:ack: serves me right for not checking on multiple browsers


Should look better now :content:

firefox is just way too gentle with td width limits.

now it looks right :cool:

removed the “record users” bc Basilus pointed out that it wasn’t right info anyhow due to the bots.
It’s back at the bottom of the forum now.

Not sure yet if I’ll keep it this way, it seems a bit too dominant now.

It sure stands out… a lot.
I had to do multiple RCs :tongue:

I agree, it’s a little… obtrusive, I don’t think I can get used to it. Maybe moved down between the LD4all News / Recent Discussions box, and LD4all General forums box?

hmm, let me try that.

I may just remove the blue outline as well. it seems a bit too much for the “whois online”

but I like it better than the previous look.

IMHO, removing the line would make it a little better.

thanks, foxy :smile:

eeeee, I don’t like the way it looks when the member names span more than one line.

No wonder I don’t get lucid every night! I didn’t even realize it had changed. The world seems to pass me by without me even noticing anything. Got to learn to get out of my head. :sleep:
But it looks good to me :wiske: .
I do wonder however… sometimes it says 1 hidden (guest or member I guess) what does that mean?

It means someone has chosen to hide their online status.

I’ve tweaked but this solution still looks the nicest.

Going to see if I can make it a bit more “compressed”

how’s it like this?

look’s good to me Q :happy:
looks great in Google Chrome (no idea if the web-browsers matter :razz: )

This is a lighter version. I must say I prefer it over the other one :content:
I hope you like it too :happy:

It looks pretty nice, good job Q ^^

Any reason why you changed it, Q? I noticed it right away, I don’t hate it, but I don’t see why it was changed.

Props Download for doing an RC. :grin: