Someone elses dreems?

I know this sounds like a weird question, but I have had two or three non lucid dreams that seem to be the same sort of “story line”, they all involve the same character and her life and mostly her dreams. Is this normal or not?

Ive had dreams happen to me where id encounter something of a storyline too

characters reappearing in a similar scene or even in the exact same place seem to be normal to me too.

One time I thought I had just woken up from a dream, in a dream, and I thought that a DC was no longer there, although I looked, and I found that person, it wasn’t good enough to get me lucid.

I seem to have 2, one is the story line girl with her dreams and life and the other is a (different) girl who seems to observe my dreams and what I do. I have never achieved enough confidence to become fully lucid in either, though as I have only just started in the last month or so its probably nothing to be concerned about, as soon as do achieve lucidity in these dreams I am woundering what to say, Hi may be a good start…