Someone suggest a good sig for me!

Um, yeah. I’m bored. A quote or something?



Go to Kats Quote thread.
There are billions of quotesies there!!

I like this quote but I stopped using it So,if you want it, it’s yours.

“All men who have achieved great things have been dreamers.”

Offcourse they have been dreamers, all men dream :cool_laugh:

How about something witty or inspiring but not cliche.

I use my favorite quote from a dream, do you have one of those? I always prefer something of my own over something thats someone else’s…if that makes any sense…

ehe… i’m curious about the dream story behind your sig :wiske:

Oooo, pasQuale posted in my thread, I’m honoured!

BTW, where is Kat’s quote thread?

Here ya go: Favorite Quote(s). pt1
There should be something there to suit your needs.
Good Luck!

Hehe, I got one, thanks reality.failure :lmao:

“You cant have all the women on this planet…but its worth to try”:slight_smile: