Someone to literally tell you you're dreaming

There are threads on here about how noises and lights taking place while you dream affect you when you’re dreaming. i’ve experienced this firsthand and i know that happens. my question is…after sleeping for a few hours, what if someone came up to you and in your ear told you that you were dreaming? does anyone think this would work? my brother is asleep on the couch next to me and i’m gonna try it. if it works, then this could be fun lol.

yes, why not? if you spot your brother having REM (you will see his eyes move beneath his eyelids) whisper it in his ear.

keep us updated :smile:

if his eyes aren’t moving, there’s no way he’s in REM? I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated :content:

eh… no… Cuz that’s what rem stands for, Rapid Eye Movement. :spinning:

(like saying: so if there is no water coming out of the sky it is not raining? :smile: )


umm yer it works but not the way u might hope. i tryed it on my brother and this is what happened.

i said “chris ur dreaming go lucid”

i asked hi after he awoke what he was dreaming. He told me he was chasing someone in a truck and a voice came over the radio. It was my voice but iwas was ment to be the pesron in the car that he was chasing. It was talking about dreams. Funny how ur brain twists it to fit ur world :smile:



interesting post, i put one up about this sometime ago… but i labeled this idea as FILD (Friend Induced Lucid Dream) lol. Me and a friend did this, he spent the night, and we slept for 6 hours. once we awoke, he went back to sleep… not taking too long. and i whispered things in his ear to help him realize. he said it worked and he had his first lucid moments with this (He woke up shortly after… maybe I said it too loud :neutral:).

But I think it’s a good technique, want to try it again sometime.

Not only does this apparently work, but it’s also one of the oldest methods of external LD induction recorded. If you’ve ever listened to the 2 hour Stephen LaBerge radio interview on the Coast 2 Coast network, you might remember him talking about how Tibetin Monks used to whisper messages to their sleeping friends to trigger a lucid dream. I’m not too sure how comfortable I’d be with someone filling my head with messages while I was asleep… so I just use a CD player set on repeat. :wink:

hmm yes dont trust ur friends. i have also done this to one of my friends, we were sitting up talking and another of my friends was alseep in rem, my friend and i started to try and invoke dream pictures. my friend say " you see a picture and in that picture is another picture and in that picture…" well i stopped him, thought he might give m=him nightmares :smile:
but when my friend awoke he remembered nothing :sad:


Ha rapid eye movement. makes sense lol. where can i buy a cd that says things that could make me go lucid…or do i have to make one? making one would be a lot of trouble…i hope i can buy one. still have yet to try FILD (nice one).

Last night I remmembered quite a few dreams some were awesome!!!
Anyway I have a memory of me being lucid, and im pretty sure i wasnt, because it was just a dream memory, and i rememmber in the dream i was like ld’s suck!!!(I also have memory of me wanting to say it all over the forums) they are crap, in the background of my room, i had “the next time your dreaming you will realise your dreaming”. When my dreams or what i rememmber of them changed its when my dad came in to turn it down and smash my alarm(So i could remmember my dreams) so the rest of the night i was fighting with friends, hijacking helicopters, fighting massive snakes, raiding the school. Yep, my brain twisted and turned it, it even made me feel ld’s suck!!! but i have yet to try them.

Have a look at:
“Designed to guide your conscious awareness into the dream state.”

It’s a program with a computer character called Merlin that talks to you in your dreams. You type in :user: when you will go to bed and it calculates your REM :wow: (I think it uses 90 minute cycles) and then you can type in what you want it to say to you when you’ll be in REM. Pretty neat; you gotta run the tour.

so i saw my brother asleep today, his eyes were moving around a lot and i said “you’re dreaming go lucid” in his ear, and he just moved around a lot like he was gonna wake up, but he didn’t and i went back later to see if he was still asleep and he still is…except now his eyes aren’t moving…i’ll tell you what he said happened when he wakes up.