Someone Who Can Wild Help Me!!!

I really dont get something about WILD. I was reading about WILD, and 2 nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night, and while I was getting to sleep, I suddenly noticed that I had a strange white noise filling the background. I could also see a faint image of a house developing, when suddenly a huge blue rectangle appears and I seem to be zooming through a tunnel, and I was shaking so hard I couldnt stand it and opened my eyes wide awake(I did an RC to make sure) Then I read some more on LD4all about WILD, and I think that I entered the hypnagogic stage, except when I checked on the OBE forums, it says there that white noise in the background and violent shaking through a tunnel are the beginnings of an OBE. I dont want to have an OBE, I want to have an LD! So last night I set my alarm clock to 6 hours after I went to sleep, and I got up, did the WBTB steps, and went back to sleep, and I lied around for half an hour, and nothing happened at all. Also, I have a question about actually getting into a dream from the hypnagogic stages. When you get into the dream, do you actually think as clearly as in real life, because I had a couple of accidental lucid dreams before and I think they were FLDs, as they seemed very hazy. Well, thanks for reading this very long question. Please help!!!

yeah, you got to the hypnagogic stage that’s for sure :content: Well, many people consider LD’s and OBE’s pretty much the same thing. If you consider them to be the same thing, then, I don’t know, you almost WILD’ed :tongue: If you believe OBE’s and LD’s are different, then: lots of things people say they feel when they are about to OBE are quite the same as the ones you feel when you are about to WILD :happy:

In other words, in my own opinion, a OBE’er would say you were close to a OBE and a LD’er would say you were close to a WILD! :lol:

Now, about thinking clear in the dream. I myself haven’t reached that point, but I’m sure it’s possible to think as clear as IWL. Some people claim you can even think clearer!