Something I need to clarify about WILD

Alright, so I attempted a WILD, it went smoothly from what happened, I didn’t succeed in Lucid Dreaming, but this is what happened. I went about my normal day at school as usual, nothing seemed wrong, but by around 5th period, I was called up to the board to do an equation, nothing strange. For some reason though I did feel dizzy, a short time after, I passed out, right in the classroom. It has never happened before I attempted a WILD, I was out for only about 20 seconds or so and am fine right now, but the thing is, I am just hoping that it wasn’t the WILD method that caused me to pass out, because it has never happened before. I couldn’t explain why or how, I just want to make sure that it isn’t the particular method that I used.

it wasn’t the WILD. this happened to my 2 years ago. before i even know about lucid dreaming. i was in health class and i fell kind of dizzy and so i put my head down to rest, next thing i know i am on the floor and the teacher is calling the nurse for a wheal chair. i get up and had no clue what was going on. i went to the doctors and he said that there is a virus that goes around about this time of year (and it happened to me in February) that will cause people to faint for a few seconds. he said it is nothing to worry about because it usually is like one of those 1 day kind of viruses. So it is probably just that. if i where you i would still go to the doctor to make sure your ok.

like bullet25 said it wouldn’t have been WILD. i’ve had a weird incident of nearly passing out but that was before i’d tried WILD. i told my mum what happened that day (she’s a nurse) and she took my blood pressure and it was low so it was probably caused by that.
whatever happened to you could have been a virus or something but to me it sounds like Vasovagal Syncope, when a person stands up after sitting for awhile and the blood gets pulled down by gravity thus an inadequate blood supply to the brain resulting in dizziness and/or fainting. it’s nothing too serious but i’d go to the doctor anyway just to make sure.

Occasionally after I’ve been sitting down for a long period of time without moving much (like when I’m watching a movie or something similar), I’ll get a feeling as if I’m about to faint after I get up. My vision usually gets really fussy and I can barely see. However, I only have to tilt my head down for a bit and it goes away. I’ve never actually fainted from this though. Guess it’s just low blood pressure.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t WILD.

First time I tried to WILD I also had something weird happen, I woke up in the middle of the night, very disoriented. This took about a day to go away completely. Probably just a coincidence. I think I had a high fever, so…

Anyway, don’t worry. :wink:

Yea thats the only potentially strange thing about WILD’s; they can really screw with your sleep cycle.

sometimes after i do (after i ‘attempt’) a WILD i’ll wake up like an hour and a half later feeling fully rested like i had a full night’s sleep.


Any practice like meditation or WILD or OOBE makes you more sensitive. Long time ago I meditated a lot and tried to OOBE with many hour spent in near or in SP. I could hear rarely some whispers at that time and hear what people were going to tell me. I had then similar experience as yours. I quarrelled with my father and sensed really bad heavy energy from him and almost passed. I started to fall slowly but managed to come round.

I have fainted quite often my whole life, last time was when I smelt some diesel fumes on a boat, but sometimes i faint when I go to the toilet, or when getting out of a shower. But I think sometimes a reason is something to do with diet. Like if you havent eaten for a while you will be more susceptible to fainting, or if you eat food like lots of biscuits or lollys which I find hard not to eat. And I dont know about you but I get nervous when ever I have to stand up in front of a class which makes my stomach feel a bit funny which combined with the standing up quickly and possible consumption of unhealthy food or not eating anything for a while leading to a light headed feeling and colourful patterns and before you know it there are lots of people standing around you looking down at you and you dont have a clue where you are.