Something interesting happened

So I am trying to dream using WILD but with mantra (1, I’m dreaming 2, I’m dreaming…). I do it at 5.00 am, so its about 5h of sleep. then wake up and read for 10 min then attempt WILD. So last night (morning) i just fell asleep really quickly :sad:. However i had 1 or 2 dreams. The weird thing is it was dream in a dream. 1st one was with me making few steps in my room in pj’s ( all i can remember) Wasn’t aware i was dreaming. Then i get woken up from the dream at 8.00 am (on my alarm clock by the bed) by my mum, i tell her i don’t have to be up that early and straight back to bed. As soon as i did, I actually woke up, looked at the clock… 11.00!!!. I was so annoyed I didn’t RC at the second dream. Does anyone have any ideas to stop me from falling asleep during WILD? And did anyone else have had similar experience?