Something Peculiar!

Alright, so I’ve been trying lucid dreaming on and off now for a few months.
I’ve one or two successes, but not much compared to how much I’ve been trying.
Something to point out though…
When I try to lucid dream, I’ll try concentrating on one thing and one thing alone,
and eventually my ears will start ringing, my head will feel heavy, and I feel like I’m being lifted out of my bed. About 15 seconds later, I wake up from this “trance”, or whatever it would be called.
Can somebody explain what this is, and how I can continue from here?

Dude, you’re so close! When you feel yourself being lifted is when you’re actuallly beggining to dream! Technically, some would say you’re actually achieving very short lucid dreams (15 secs, as you’ve said).

Well, you can always search for ‘exit techniques’, or just go through the extensive amount of material on WILD here in the forum, I’m sure you’ll find something that seems ‘correct’ to be doing. Here’s a quick link I’ve found:

I am not very experienced with WILDS, and have never really had much success with them. However, according to other people’s accounts it looks like you were part way through completing one. Were you doing this in the middle of the night after waking up, or before bed? (Just out of curiosity) If you were to keep calm and continue through this “trance” as you call it, you would enter straight into a dream from the waking state.

Drill it into your head to always start spinning in place whenever you realize you’re dreamin. It works trust me - it forces your body to crate the sensation of spinning in your mind, thus making the dream more ‘fixed’ or ‘focused’. If you can remember that you will achieve much higher lucidty. If you feel it slipping - rubbed your hands together to force your dream into creating that texture. Its all baby steps. The excitement of becoming lucid is enough to wake most people up - but true, sustained lucidty is amazing. Just tell yourself to remain calm and don’t focus on two many things or the framework might fall apart, so to speak. Talk to Dream Characters often - they may begin to become recurring characters that you visit with often. Anyway, read al lot on this forum and you will find answers to many problems. Peace

this happens to me all the time. I try to control it, but I end up feeling like I’m falling…and become wide awake.

It always happens as I’m laying down, going to bed.
I guess I could attempt finding an “exit technique” or whatever. Because like, it’s such an epic feeling, and then when it stops, I feel like ■■■■ for not going anywhere with it. Haha

You should try - anything that takes you from the “being lifted out of bed” to actually entering a dream. Again, I think you’re really close, don’t forget to post any success or doubts here :smile:

If you get stuck, maybe you can try reading a little about OBE or AP - maybe you’ll find something that gets you going.

Thanks a lot man. I will definitely try some of the stuff in that video you sent!