Something real weird happened

Something real weird happened lastnight. As i was doing MILD i started feeling myself goto sleep. But instead of repeating the MILD word in my mind i decide to have me do a reality check in my mind. I kept the thought of me doing the nose reality check in my mind and i felt myself going into a dream and i felt me becoming lucid just by the reality check in my mind. But i got to exited my saying in my mind “I am going to have a lucid dream!” And i woke back up to being completely awake. Too bad… Can someone please explain to me what happened?

From what it sounds like you just about got it. You had an LD, got to excited and woke up. That’s about it. As for your technique, it was pretty much an advanced form of MILD. Repeating the same thing in your imagination seems to help you more than repeating the same words in your mind.

the weird thing is i could still move my body and i still felt awake in the LD.