Something...scary? need hlp

so this is the deal…
I have a close friend who got me intrigued with LDs. im probably a big noob in this. i’ve read something and never had a LD, at least that i know of.

something got me rly scared and now i don’t know if i want to continue researches on LDs and OBEs…
plz check out this short movie:

its about a guy who doesnt seems to know the difference between a dream and reality… its like he cant wake up !! he does RCs but still cant realize the difference!

so my question is practicly this entire movie clip ! is it possible ? is it possible to mix these 2 'reality’s ?
plz hlp

Lucid dreaming shouldn’t make you go insane… I think you would truely know the difference between a dream and actual reality. It’s impossible to mix the dream world with the real world, you conciously know wich one is wich, especially when having a Lucid Dream ^^ (A Lucid Dream is when you KNOW you’re dreaming) Soo yeah… Nothing to be afraid of lol. If anyone would like to explain in a better way, that would be great :happy:

Btw, the video is like 45 seconds long for me, anyone else have this problem?

I totaly agree with melissadreamer.

You can mix them up at times, but just do a Reality Check. Then you will know. If it failed, you aren’t dreaming or you are. If you are, you will think it is real life and just act normally. In real life, there is no way that a RC can fail (hint:don’t use those changing signs as a RC, lol :happy: ).

So basically when you do a RC, in RL it was always prove you aren’t dreaming. While dreaming, it could be either way, just have 3-5 RCs ready to do and you’ll be fine.

I wouldn’t worry about it. I agree with the people before just do a few RCs and you’ll know if it’s real or a dream. I don’t think that lucid dreaming can make you go insane since their just dreams and not really altering the structure of your brain.

So, Don’t worry about it, it’s just a movie.

It is easy to mistake a dream for reality, that is why you should do RC’s to find out if you are in a dream. It is not easy to mistake reality for a dream. There are people who do that, but they have some serious problems and are normaly in treatment for them. The main problem that they have is with reality itself, so if you don’t have hay problems with reality now, then you will not have any problems with LD’ing. You dream all the time anyway, so if you havn’t had any problem with that, then you will not have any problem with LD’ing. With practice, some people do learn to just know the difference between dreaming and reality.
Basicly LD’ing is safe, notfatning, fun, legal and has no reprocussions on your life in reality, except for any feelings of joy, happyness, wonder etc. that spill over. The only people that have feelings of fear, are people who belive that LD’ing can cause problems, and it is the fear that causes the problems not the LD’ing.
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It’s possible you could go mad.

Mostly mad that it take forever befor you get your first LD, and then it only lasts about two sec. :grrr:

I’m with Don lol, the only way you go mad is if you become mad or frustrated trying to LD, then it only lasts for a second and you drift off again :razz: Seriously, you have no reason to worry.

No one has the problem with the youtube video? I’m so curious to see whats in it :sad:

Melissa, I had no problem with the video.

I’ve seen the 5 first minutes of the movie. Those minutes give the worst possible point of view about LD’ing (taking pills, just having sex and alcohol in LD’s, the word “lucid” written in sort of satanic letters, etc.) I hope it’s not the point of view they share about LD’ing in USA. :eek:

I’ve read it was the story of somebody who doesn’t know if he is awake or sleeping. I imagine it’s rather a metaphysical question - isn’t our life a dream? - and it’s just illustrated by the theme of lucid dreaming.

From what I’ve seen, I was not interested in seeing the remaining. If the author was really experienced in lucid dreaming, he wouldn’t have choosen such things in order to illustrate his subject, and he wouldn’t have choosen as a subject such a beginner question.

I’ve the feeling the author only knows about LD’ing the LD’ing wikibook, where one of the first chapters is about the possibility of confusing dreams and reality. This chapter in the wikibook is very disappointing cause amongst the many scientific studies which have been made by many psychologists during many years, there is no one evidence of such a case.

Thus it’s an urban legend. It’s impossible that LD’ing makes you confuse dream and reality, unless you were confusing dream and reality before.

No no, Basilus West, I meant did no one have a problem with viewing the video, I can’t even see after 48 seconds >< You are very true though. I’m just curious to see whats in the video since it doesn’t work for me lol

going insane from being lucid is completely impossible for almost everyone if they know what there doing

LDs are completely harmless. The problem is actually the human mind. If you are able to separate real from virtual, you should be fine. There are people who are mentally unstable/ill, it could be that they could experience trouble with lucid dreaming. Perhaps because they doubt the true reality, or their illness makes them.

So, MoonFang, don’t be afraid. If your “healthy in your head” you can just continue practicing LDing! And remember those reality checks :smile:

If you do not have a disposition for a phsychiological disorder it’s probably not very likely that you will confuse reality with your dreams.

For me, reality checks are actually not what makes me go lucid directly. They tend to act more like a trigger instead of having me actually question wether I’m awake or not.

For example: I once looked at my hands in my dream and instantly knew that I was dreaming, but my hands looked completely normal. The reality check had technically failed, still I strongly felt that I was in a dream and got lucid.
Another time I was looking at a digital watch in the real world. One of the digits was broken though and that made the clock look really weird. Although this indicated that I might be dreaming, my feeling for reality told me that it must be the clock that is broken. Of course I did a few additional reality checks to check this.

So the bottom line is: (QFT from above) It’s quite easy to take a dream for reality while you’re asleep, but if you’re doing your RCs seriously, it’s very hard to confuse reality with a dream.

Just to make things very clear here, LD’ing can not make you go mad, or insane. There is a psycholgical illness where you can not tell the difference between reality and thoughts in your head. This doesn’t normaly have anything to do with dreaming. If you have that illness, you could have problems with mixing up dreams and reality, but that would not be your main problem. If you do not have any problems with reality befor you start LD’ing, then LD’ing will not cause these types of problems.

A quick test to see if you have problems with reality:

  1. Do you know who you are? Do you ever actualy belive you are someone else?
  2. Do you know what the date is? Do you ever actualy beive that you are living in the past or futur?
  3. Do you know where you are? Do you ever yctualy belive that you are living somewhere else?

Even if you play games where you act as if you are someone else living somewhere else at a different time, you still konw what is real, and what is the game. LD’ing is like that. You know that you can’t fly IRL, but you can in an LD, this is no problem. I have not hear of anyone jumping off a building IRL because he/she thought they were in a dream and wanted to fly. Your SC knows the difference, it never makes a mistake, and it will keep you from makeing a bad mistake too.

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