Something Sinister?


This is my first post and I would like to thank you for making this site available.
In 2004 I began having a series of dreams unlike any I’ve had before with the exception of a UFO/ET dream in 1997.

The dreams were quite vivid and have made me question if they were simply dreams. They were so vivid, real and full of imagery (later proven to be actual) which I had no prior knowledge. These dreams were recorded over a period of three years and documented in a book I published in 2006 called Dreams & Visions of our future.

In 2007 the dreams stopped as abruptly as they began. Since that time I have not been able to recall any dreams whatsoever, with the exception of one very vivid dream this year of Barack Obama, Sexual Magic and incoming Fireballs.

Is it possible that I have been intentionally shut down in my ability to remember my dreams? In my research, inspired by the new movie The Fourth Kind, I have discovered that there is quite possibly technology developed by the military to do just this. Any comments? Thanks!

It is my desire to continue dreaming and get back to what became for me, a passion. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome ProphecyWatcher! Hope you enjoy your stay here :wave:
First things first, congratulations for having published a book about your dreams! Hope you had success with that one. :happy:

Secondly, about your DR, it’s just about this: like in everything else, often things are just as hard as you think of them. I’m sure no single member on this forum needs any kind of military device to remember his/her dreams at night.

My guess on your recall during the 2004-2007 period was that dreams were strongly connected to the urgency to recall them in the morning somehow, and you indeed did recall them effectively every day (I presume?). But when you’re not aware of the process, it can go just like the way it came, and some event broke this link. But I’m totally confident this link can be repaired, with effort and practice.

Many people came to this forum, or other LD communities, with very bad DR: they only recalled about a dream a month, or worse, they didn’t remember any dreams at all from a long time. I were among those too :tongue: But we all dream several times a night, that’s for sure, and you do too, so remembering those isn’t at all impossible, you just have to get back the hang of it like many others did. :smile:

We have a BIG remembering dreams topic, where tons of info about DR is stored, I reccomend checking it out ;D