Something strange

During a ND, i was walking up a hill, and in the dream i thought to myslelf ‘if i can just make it to the top of this hill, i will become lucid’. Sure enough, i made it to the top and became lucid almost immediately (from doing a RC).

I dont know why that happened or why i thought that, and especially why the mention of a LD didnt make me do a RC right away.

The ND was much more rational and logical then usual… I was searching for my car, and was actually thinking back to when i parked. I usually dont have the presence of mind to think rationally in a dream.

Anyway, has anyone experienced something similar?

That was a strange dream sign… :eh:
I’ve never experienced something similar. When I notice a dream sign I instantly do something about it…

Btw. How long did you need to get to the top of the hill?

I’ve experienced similar things, where I would have to leave a room to become truely lucid. You were probably semi-lucid, that would atleast explain the rational thinking, and as far as the hill thing…Maybe since you were semi-concious and lucid dreaming was on your mind, you were probably looking for a method or a way to achieve lucidity? Thats just my twoooo cents

Hey thx for the replies. A couple minutes to the top of the hill. I’ve really been missing dream signs lately… last night in a really vivid dream i was half human half ape (like on planet of the apes). I had awesome strength and used my jumping and climbing to escape ppl chasing me. If only i had done a RC!

Do LOTS of rc’s IRL , do about 20-30 daily until it becomes a habit, it will eventually pass over to dreaming aswell.

That would of been cool to be lucid during that one :wink: I never do RC’s in real life. I always do them in dreams though but never IRL. Usually 98% of the time, im in a dream, already lucid and know i am without doing a RC.