Something Super intresting !

I’ve read that when you remember more dreams and you get kinda of expert at dream recalling(for the avarage people) you have more deja vu!
I think that means that in our dreams there’s information about the future.

That’s really curious,
I just stopped having them since I have been writing down my dreams. Mostly because my previous dreams were kinda life-related, but now they are quite the different thing :tongue: plus if I write down most dreams there’s no way I can get a deja vu from something I can actively remember.

I now have better dream recall as I can ever recall having in my life (pun intended). But can’t remember many recent deja-vus, so I can’t say this applies to me…

I’ll be sure to come back and post if this changes = )

Well that’s intresting … tosxychor !
I remember when I had deja vu that I dreamt about it…but it happend just once.

Well I bet you didn’t write that part of the dream down in the morning :tongue:
Anyway, the time I had them, deja vus were quite awesome, each one of them left me thinking for a good while.

I get deja-vu all the time,i really don’t know why though.
I don’t even know if it means anything,or what it’s trying to tell me.
But I don’t think dream recall has anything to do with it.

I noticed that I’ve had more deja vu’s now. I got one today and one yesterday :open_mouth: Never had it that often.

that does sound interesting! And true also. It probably happens to all of us but most of us forget!

I had a deja vu recently and after thinking about it, it may have been from a dream i had a few months ago…

Interesting… : )

from what i understand, deja vu is supposed to be an anomaly that occurs in your brain that gives your mind the sense that you are re-assessing a situation rather that viewing it for the first time. and part of the whole reason we have dreams is to make predictions about the future, not that it is necessarily “seeing the future”. you see, through sleep our brain constantly addresses possible future encounters based on previously gathered information, and i think that’s why often we dream about stuff that somehow shows up the next day

i once had a dream that my pet bird died, and the next day she did :sad:
but i had been contemplating the possibility lately, and it was a known fact that she was sick so…

i don’t think that there’s too much of a connection between deja vu, and seeing things to come within dreams, supposedly, it’s a different psychological process
but hey, i’m no expert, and i can’t say i’ve noticed any correlation between my dream recall and having deja vu