Something that I noticed

When read often about LDing my DR actually gets better, instead of increase the chances to have a LD.

So if you’‘ll read about OBEs you’'ll get LDs? :razz:


What should you do if you want OBEs then? :razz:

Well, makes sense if you consider DR as part of the Lucidity skill, like the first step… :wink:

no DR no LD’s -> practice “dreaming” - > better DR no LD’s -> practice “dreaming” better DR and some LD’s -> etc.

thats kinda weird, i spend all day reading about it, every day, and no luck at night :smile:

Im confused :confused:

Well actually now my DR is sucks cause I read less about LD…
But it will get better.

Well you can say better DR --> More partecipation to the dream, which means more chance to notice something and get lucid.
Although i also noticed that, more vivid usually means also more coherent dreams, so the chance to get lucid are quite the same for me: the difference between the two, however, is that when i am having some great DR i’ll also have some great high level lucids ^^