Something to think about

Ok, so they past few days i have been thinking about a cetain scenerio. What if you were to take a medication that prevents you from waking up. Your in a dream and something and dramatic happens, do you wake up? :woah: What happens? :confused:

Small edit. Please remember it’s against the guidelines to discuss substances that aren’t safe, legal and freely available. :dragon:

I think, when the pressure gets too great, for the emotions like fear would be overwelming, or when such fear or such would not overwelm, the pain from the situation would be overwelming, one would just be transferred to another scenario, when one would not be able to wake up.

If it’s like a general anesthetic with the purpose only to make someone lose consciousness, it might not necessarily mean that it induces dreams. If it does, though, I guess… either a false awakening, or one’s gauge of “dramatic enough to wake up” will be forced to expand. evil cackle

i think you would stay asleep unless you saw something really scary. i guess there is a breaking point when you wake up.