something weird for MILD

saying i will have a lucid dream doesn’t make me have them.
will saying i won’t have a lucid dream give me some? :neutral:
i’ve heard that i using negatives, the statement will come true like saying i will not be sick etc but you do, instead you should say i am healthy and strong.
sorry if this doesn’t make much sense :grin:

it’s worth a try :smile: , but a positive attitude is the key.
Some people have their first LD after they have lost hope and given up. I think that too much effort can be a bad thing sometimes.

Your first statement is very revealing,

“doesn’t make me have them” is a negative attitude. You believe this doesn’t work for you, and so it doesn’t. You have determined this does not work for you, but in reality this method doesn’t give anyone a LD everynight. It’s a hit or miss.

“saying i will have a lucid dream hasn’t worked for me” creates the impression that it “has not yet worked”
Lets start creating more positivity and hope that lucidity is closely in reach :smile:

Saying “I will remember I am dreaming, and will recognize I am dreaming” doesn’t work all times for me either, but I have noticed my chances of LD ing greatly increase when this is the last statement uttered before bedtime.
Keep trying, and believe in it this time. :smile:

I agree with DA big time on that one. Having a positive attitude is a major key to success. Inducing lucid dreams is not as hard as you think. Just practice diligently and allow yourself time to succeed. Also IMO it helps to put yourself into a state of relaxation before doing the MILD induction. Then just say, “I will recognize I am dreaming when I am dreaming.” Repeat the mantra over and over until you can repeat it without other thoughts interfering. Then let go of it and allow your self to fall asleep.

I don’t think the reversed psychology thing will work because MILD is, in part, a type of auto suggestion. When learning things like auto suggestion, self-hypnosis etc. The first thing they say is to avoid negative wording. It seams your subconscious has an easier time accepting negative suggestions than positive ones. Therefore, IMO you should keep your wording positive.

Happy Dreaming

lol, i haven’t tried it yet coz i really know it wouldn’t work, just thought it was plain weird :razz: