Something with REM state

Ok my question is why i did have REM or Rapid eye movements without having previous sensations like vibrations etc.
This is what i did which is the best technique for me so far:
I lay down in my back on the bed. I start to relax my body and to have a body as a single hearbeat. Then (from another website i read from astral) i started to visualize/concentrate in the heart; its shape,color,movements etc.

From very little time( i guess less than 5-10 minutes) i was asleep but concious, it is the best technique for me because visualizing the heartis so easy for me yet new. Then i think i was getting low vibrations but just low. But yes i did get the beep very loud like never before. My problem was that because i never reached that far i wasn’t focusing in the heart exercise and just in the sensations. After the beep i kept concentrating/visualizing the heart in my 3rd eye and i felt like i could zoom each time into that black space but then my eyes started to move very rapid(REM i think) i couldn’t control them unless i wake up in that moment. Also i want to say that when i felt my eyes like that i felt like rising or splitting, maybe not but i felt a senstation of separation or lightness i don’t know i was confused.

My question is, can i reach REM very fast without getting other sensations? or i just wasn’t paying attention to them very much? Because i didn’t feel any real vibration.

Thanks for reading///

hmm… seems there’s no one for now able to answer my question.

That wasn’t REM :wink:. The eye movements occurs because your eyes aren’t in SP, so they play out the dream.

No that was not REM sleep or anything conceded to REM. Just ignore it. If you try to control the eye jerking you will only succeed in keeping your self awake. If you just let them be they will settle down on there own.