Somthing weird is happening to my friend

Well my friend has been haveing a weird experience every night since her friend moved. She and a few other of her friends claim that their friend that movedd calls them at midnight waking them up and says “Do you wanna play a game?” She then makes them look around the room three times and they all claimed to see there friends face on the wall all bloody. She says it is real but i say it is a dream. I think it might be a weird FA multiple people share. they also all claim to have it at the exact same time. A little odd. What does anybody else think? Any suggestions i should give her?

I think what may have happened was, one of your friends had this experience, (as you said, it was just a dream) and told their friends, so the next night, thinking about that, the rest of your friends happened to have the same experience as it was on their mind. I don’t think all your friends had the same dream at the same time but, I guess anything is possible, (though unlikely).

As for advice, tell them to chill out. Their friend is not bloodied on their bedroom walls, he/she is off doing their own thing in their new life. Tell your friends their dreams are just the result of their worry for the person they see as lost (dead) because they are no longer in their daily life. Unless of course, they’re just messing with you…

Haha that’s likely. This just seems really improbable. Maybe some sort of shared dream took place, if you believe that’s possible.

It’s probably not likely to happen. They might just be messing with you yea. If they are telling the truth then it must be a dream or something.

Yeah sounds fake. I mean, is this happening regularly? To everyone? At the same time?

I wouldn’t buy it.

I don’t really believe in the whole thing but i am pretty sure she is dreaming. Tomorrow i will ask her if it happened again last night well tonight and tell her to do an RC. :happy: i don’t believe it is real but she swears it happened to her.Considering it keeps happening and it is a dream if she gets and RC in… well she gets a free LD every night. I gotta talk her into lding.