Sort me into a catorgorie please

Ive read all the articles but I still dont know which technique. Can you please help me.

Heres some points about me.

  • I go to bed at 10

  • It takes me about 10 mins to get to sleep

  • I have some strange dreams.

  • I do rember 3/5 dreams I have

  • I wake up at 7

  • I think Im a light sleeper

  • I sometime snore (dunno if that changes anything)

  • I talk in my sleep (weird lol)

Right, theres some things that happen. But Im not sure the best techinque.

Can someone help?

My guess since you fall asleep quickly would be MILD, WILD requires time and focus, your weird dreams would in my guess, be excellent to be proven wrong, so that you can use them to DILD, so try MILD yeh?

ok thank you for the advice. I will try

I would think being able to go to sleep fast would help with wild. It usually can take me up to 2 hours to get to sleep unless i’m tired, and wilding w/o WBTB is murder. I almost get there and then fail and realize I just waisted an hour or more trying to dream. I’m not giving up though. If MILD doesn’t work I would try WILD. WILDworks like a charm with WBTB though. Also consider FILD which has worked well for me. If I can shut my brain up long enough I get closer to my dream state than in WILD in a half hour. Most people don’t use it w/o WBTB but I’ve found that if you decide to RC in 30 mins you can get pretty close. But that is personal experience, and each persons’ ability to LD depends on the person, so my experience doesn’t help you unless you are like me :smile:

k thank you for that comment. I will try it at the weekend. I will let you know how I get on