Sort of new to this, but a few experiences

When I was younger and had nothing better to do, I did a lot of reading on the internet about parapsychology. Mostly I read about astral projection but I did read a bit about lucid dreaming. I never was able to achieve either and that was a little discouraging.
Once I hit my later teens, I had bigger priorities such as partying and girls. :wink:
I had forgot about most of what I had learned, but in the back of my mind I always thought about it.
It wasn’t until I watched a movie called Waking Life that I really started to look into this a bit.

It started with a reoccuring nightmare I had (this happened before I saw the movie). I’d be running through my parents house in the dark trying frantically to turn the lights on. Of course, that doesn’t really work in a dream. The dream would scare the hell out of me and it started to happen often. It got to the point where as soon as I couldn’t turn the lights on, I would think to myself that I was dreaming and then tell myself to wake up (and I always did).

I didn’t really understand the significance of this at first. Not until I saw the movie and then I understood why I could never turn the lights on.
This lead to my first real lucid dream. Interrestingly enough it contained a false awakening as well. I woke up in my dream and went to the hall and I thought just for kicks, I would see if the lights would turn off and of course, they didn’t. I got all excited about this and woke up.

After this one, I started to do some reading on lucid dreams and learned more about reality checks and about staying asleep. All this reading lead to a couple more. The next one I had, I used the spinning technique to calm down a bit. And I found that rubbing my hands together helped too. I got to try a few things like flying and looking at my hands and reading.
I still didn’t get to sleep for long though. I woke up, just to fall into another lucid dream, then woke up and repeat. It got annoying cause I was really tired and the lucid dreams were keeping me awake.
One thing I did learn is that a light switch can work, but only once or twice. In one dream I turned the lights off, then turned them on so someone could see, then when I tried to turn them off again they didn’t work and that’s when I knew I was dreaming.

It had been a few weeks since then, but I did have one the other night. This one was the most realistic one I’ve had and i had the weirdest reality check. The dream was I was watching hockey. Living in Edmonton, I am a big Oilers fan. Well I was watching the Oilers play against nashville. Then I remembered that the playoffs are on, and edmonton didn’t make it and nashville is out. This is when I asked myself if I was dreaming. I tested it by levitating a little. The I spun around, looked at my hands, checked a mirror and woke up. This one was different because in all my other dreams, it wasn’t much of a surprise to realize I was dreaming. It was like when I figured it out i thought to myself “well that makes sense cause everything around me is so weird”.
But the last one was different. Even when I figured it out, I still had a hard time to believe it.

Anyhow, my biggest problems that I need to work on is staying asleep, and cleaning up my dreams. I seem to get all excited when I realize I’m dreaming and that seems to wake me up. And what I mean about cleaning up my dreams, is that when I realize I’m dreaming, things go all sketchy. Nothing seems to flow anymore. it’s almost like I’ve got so many thoughts racing through my mind, I can only randomly pick out a few and that’s what I see. I want to learn how to concentrate better in my dreams so I can experience more.

But yeah…
Sorry for dragging this on. This is still fairly new to me, but so far I’m loving it. I just can’t wait for my next one. If anyone has any tips to build on what I’ve explained here, please let me know.

Go oilers. good luck.

welcome s.t.x!

sounds like an exciting start into LDing. I often have trouble stabilizing the dream or holding on to lucidity. A method I stick to now is to take things slower, and hold my mind totally clear and focused. You learn to concentrate by practicing concentration! Lucid Living or meditation both help with that, but also just practicing lucid dreaming will get you better at it. Keep at it :smile:

Oilers versus Nashville? I thought the Oilers moved to Nashville.

you must be thinking about NFL (football). I’m talking NHL (hockey).