Sound Effects When You Become Lucid?

Hey Everyone,

So last night, I dreamt I was one of the players on a Fifa game - I randomly started thinking is this a dream, I knew it was straight away. From that I became Lucid, I kept calm, but all of a sudden I heard a weird sound effect like you’d hear on Kids programme transition, and I saw blackness and spinning. I then woke up because I heard the door open - When our door opens it has a motion sensor and makes a noise to let you know its open, however this noise is normally not loud enough to wake me up - Do you think that was a FA? Straight after waking up, I went back to sleep and as soon as I fell asleep, I heard that sound effect again.

Can someone explain to me what that was? And whether I had a FA or not.


Btw:(I’ve never had Lucid dream before)

That’s hard to say. FA’s can be very hard to distinguish between real or fake. They still trick me very regularly (even last night). Anyway, congrats on your first LD. :smile:

I always pay attention to sound in any area in my life and I’ll just say that there is an effect that happens. Like a club when you walk outside going inside. That’s just me though, great job on your first LD, If it is only apointed for you, then use it as a driving force into Lucidity!

Well if it doesn’t regularly wake you up, and it did, there’s a high probability of it being an FA . Same thing happens to me somethings too, with a clock chime. If you can remember to do a RC every time you wake up, youre golden :wink:

Thanks, but it wasn’t really a real LD. :sad:

I’ll take all your advice into action, thanks everyone.