'Sound' in dreams

Hi everyone,

I know its possible to hear sound in dreams, but to what extent?

Reason I ask is because I had a dream I was with friends at some sort of airport for some reason, and we saw a Jet come fly passed us but it was REALLY close, and the noise it made was SOO LOUD that I had to block my ears as much as I could.
Then the Jet turned back, and went faster and CLOSER to us, close to the ground, I had to shut my ears and I remember thinking “Holy crap this is so loud my ears are going to bust!” I remember feeling the pain of this extremely loud noise, ringing in my ears.

Never have I had an experience like that in any dreams,

It could not have been anything like a real Jet flying in the sky while i slept, because I remember seeing the Jet (in my dream) coming towards us already, and just when it went passed the noise it made shattered my ears.

Is this strange? or normal? Anyone else had similar experience?


Sounds in my dreams are equal to waking state, even in normal dreams… So nope, i do not think it is strange… I find it more strange that some people do not hear in their dreams. :wink:

BTW… try putting on some music in your next LD, you will be suprised how accurate it sounds. :smile:

yes, i have only recently found out you can have sound in ND most of my ND previous to recording them had no sound well actually all of em had none.

I don’t see why not. All your other sense are up the sratch. Touch (including pain) is increibly acurate, as it the extreme detail on things. So it’d make sense that sounds sound normal.

Then again, in ym last (of two) LDs, the sound was slightly off (a touch to quiet). But it was a low level LD, so meh :tongue:.

i don’t really have audio in my dreams… so you guys are lucky.

toad maybe your dreams have no need for sound as there is nothing goin on that needs sound?if not you are god lucid dreamer, make sound.

As with your other senses, you have to concentrate a little on hearing in order to heighten it to a realistic level. Try standing still for a while and paying attention to the sounds that everything around you is making. It’s possible to do this without losing clarity of vision, you just have to balance your attention between them.

Interestingly, in a recent LD I took particular notice to the sound of a DC’s voice, which was distracting me. The more I tryed to make her talk so I could hear it, the more bizarre it started sounding, until she was talking incoherently in high-pitch tones.


Well I hear sound in all my dreams, or most, but the strange thing was just that I heard a noise SO LOUD.

Ive seen a Jet in RL come passed so I know its loud, but in my dream it came passed so close to the ground and near me that the noise it made was VERY loud, as I said, so loud that I thought my ears were going to explode.

I didn’t know the mind can create such an extremely loud noise in dreams…but I guess it can.


I was at a concert last night in a dream.

I’m a big audio buff, so I always pay attention to the quality of speakers and stuff. It was an incredible experience. :content: