Sounds between awake and dreaming

I just awoke from a lucid dream while taking a nap. I need to nap more often… But something I’ve noticed before is while i’m in half conscious, half dreaming state and making the transition, I will sometimes hear a strange crackling noise in my ears, and i might even twitch through my entire body. It’s not something I experience all too often but I’ve definitely felt this more than once over the course of the past couple of years, one of those times being just now. Anyone else experience this?

Most likely nothing to worry about. You were probably in-between sleep and wakefulness. In this transition state you can see, feel, and experience many strange things. In fact when you wake into this state try not to move and keep your eyes closed. Think about what you were just dreaming and allow yourself to fall back asleep. You may well find that you can fall back into your dream fully lucid!

Good luck and happy dreaming

Yes, that is exactly what I found. In fact, I’m not sure I was ever actually awake. Sometimes a false awakening can fool me into thinking that the darkness I’m seeing is what I would see if I were lying in my bed awake with my eyes closed when in fact I’ve been dreaming all along. I think the sensations I described could just be part of a dream, it’s very hard to describe however. I can only describe it as a crackling in my ear drums, sometimes associated with flashes of color, and possibly a slight twitching in my body. I’m not afaid of this at all though, i’m encouraged by it. the fact that i’m experiencing anything by pursuing this sort of mind exploration is very encouraging. i’d like to learn more about OBEs and hypnosis, but first i need to master this dreaming stuff. (been practicing a little over two years). thanks for the reply.

that point between waking and sleep is amazing…

i know the sounds you mean, i’ve also heard conversations which i can control to an extent, seen visions(that’s how i control topics of speaking, by controlling what happens in the vision), loud bangs and crashes which aren’t really there
and the cooler stuff is the physical bit… i’ve been hit with ‘electrical jolts’ that literally throw my whole body countless times…

personally i believe it’s related to OBEs, that maybe it happens when you’re in the right state for one

The strangest thing I experienced was, just few seconds after I woke up, seeing a fire ball flying in my chamber. Another time, in the same state, it was a strong buzzing that entered in one ear and went out by the other ear, with stereo FX. It was like a very big fly going through my head ! :confused:
The most bizarre was that I’m quite sure I was awake, cause just after that I went out of my bed and had a breakfast. So it’s not a false awakening.
Hmmm… I have to say… this has happend some years ago, and I don’t write this post from a psychiatric hospital. :mrgreen_hat: :happy:

Regarding electric feelings and buzzing noises that are related to WILD and OBE, are there some explanations for them ?

I tried napping again today and I now I believe I might be able to stay consious right into the dream state, a form of WILD, something I’ve never had success with before. One thing I don’t completely understand is how is it that when taking a nap in the day you can be dreaming within minutes, whearas when sleeping at night it takes several dream cycles to enter the REM phase where you do your dreaming. I was always under the impression it takes several hours for you to reach a point in sleep where you have prolonged dreams, but at the same time I’ve always had long vivid dreams during short daytime naps. This time I did not have much control over the dream, because I was never even certain that I was asleep. I know i wasn’t imagining what I experienced however because i was somewhere else, mentally. The only thing I remember in the dream is going outside and wanting for the weather to be bright and sunny as opposed to dark and gloomy. The overall feel of the dream wasn’t positive, it was a little dark, and I was struggling to both maintain it and make it more positive. However, I again felt and heard the sensations I described in my original post on this topic. I’m beginning to feel it is relating to an OBE because it is the sensation of my mind leaving the physical body and entertain the astral that is causing this to occur. The noise I hear and sensation sort of shudders my body and the noise is similar to that of getting water logged in your ears, or like the noise you can make in your eardrum to recrate the effect of yawning, but with a much stronger almost crackling sensation, and after it occurs I am in fact dreaming. only after and not before. tough to explain this. so… anyone else experience these feelings?

I get those weird sounds all the time. I’ll be almost asleep and I’ll hear weird s*** like:

“Stay on the road man!” ,
“Are you paying attention?”, or
“Damn it! You see? This is why I never wanna be on top!”

And it echoes too. Weird s***. :eh: