Sounds of Nature and Reality Checks

What sounds are around you? Try turning everything off when you have the doors and windows shut and just listen. Listen to what occurs in your dwelling place. I noticed when i do this i can use it as a reality check. If i hear strange sounds and i am at home, it must be a dream.
The other fun thing to try is this same exercise but with the windows open or outside. There is a whole new set of noises for each time of day. Crickets at night, birds in the morning, traffic in the afternoon, neighbors yelling, etc. Becoming aware of outside noises can also potentiate OBE. This puts you in tune with Nature and allows you to more easily bypass the structure around you.
The third exercise is to become aware of the noises at stores, malls, work, school, the streets, and other places you visit regularly. Try and note any recurring patterns that can be used for reality checks. You may be suprised at what you find.

Hmm very interesting :smile: Ill consider using the 1st suggestion, sounds good :wink:

Hi Kat.

Thank you for the reply, let me know how it works. :smile:
Nice quote by the way, and very ture.

I have 2 great sound RCs that I can do in my bedroom. I can hear a clock ticking and my computers fans. I don’t think I’ve heard those sounds in my dreams. But I seem to always forget to check if I can hear them if I wake up during the night :roll:

Hmm yea it is kinda hard to remember to do. I dont think i ever even notice sounds in my dreams, but if i do the next time, i can prob use them as a RC…hopefully :smile:

The sounds that i have heard in my Dreams usually end up being those that are occuring in reality and possibly waking me up. If it is something like a clock ticking or computer fans then it will be integrated into the Dream as part of the Dream playing a role with separate characters attached to that role all having to do with the sound. This role may or may not be consistant with all nights, but the sound still will be. An example would be the computer fans sounding like a jet engine one night taking you somewhere and a sound that is part of your work another night.

Other sounds that are more unusual but still occur in the course of a week can be a dog bark that is much closer than what you are used to hearing. Maybe instead of the neighbor’s yard the dog is in your yard or it is an entirely different bark. This can cause you to shift what you are Dreaming about, or become aware that you are Dreaming. It is a reason to question whether or not you are Dreaming to begin with as a reality check. Unusual or unusually loud noises for the time period are reality checks.